Conceptual Design of an Aluminium Bridge in Alma, QC


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The City Council of Alma, Quebec, Canada intends to erect a new footbridge celebrating the 150-year anniversary of the city. Functioning as communal and cultural ground, an island will be built on the 100 m wide River Petite Décharge hosting a pedestrian area with pathways plants and artistic installations, being a symbolic landmark. The bridge has to provide connection between both the river sides and the island. Original and aesthetic design ideas for the bridge structure are searched. In the first phase of our work, preliminary study proposing 10 alternatives for the bridge was completed. The city has been selected three alternatives for further studies: double-arch classic bridge, classic cable stayed bridge with single pylon, artistic/industrial truss bridge with three lane decks. In the second phase of the work, we prepared the general preliminary design calculations, technical drawings, perspective drawings for the three selected versions. Common factor in all variants is the need and intent to apply advanced, state-of-the-art aluminium technology. The paper describes the evolution of the conceptual design of the bridge.



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Federico M. Mazzolani, Francesco Bellucci, Beatrice Faggiano, Antonino Squillace




L. G. Vigh et al., "Conceptual Design of an Aluminium Bridge in Alma, QC", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 710, pp. 383-389, 2016

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September 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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