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Authors: Ping Ai, Zhao Xin Yue
Abstract: The development of information technology expands the spatial and temporal scale and types of elements of the water resources information, making the water resources data show the characteristics of multi-source, heterogeneous, massive, and the traditional data processing method is difficult for fine processing and dynamic analysis. Combined with the "4v" characteristics of big data, we put forward a framework for processing water resources big data, to process and analyze modern water resources data for real-time and rapid, and discuss the related application. Based on the features of modern water resources data, this paper discusses the characteristics and application technology of big data, and briefly describes a framework for processing water resources big data and application.
Authors: Ming Chu Li, Liang Zhang, Cheng Guo
Abstract: The paper focused on the construction of an efficient DPDP for public audit. We improved the existing proof of storage model by manipulating authenticated skip list structure for authentication. We further explored embedded MHT structure helping our scheme to accurate locate the incorrect part in batch auditing. Extensive security and performance evaluation showed the proposed model is highly efficient and a nice trade-off between robust construction and storage cost.
Authors: Jun Tan, Hai Ming Zhao
Abstract: Aiming at improving product quality continually, we proposed an association rules mining system (ARMS) based on idea of PDCA cycling. Data warehouse is very useful for integrating heterogeneous database. Therefore, this paper designed a data warehouse platform as process data exchange module in ARMS. The role of data warehouse platform module is to integrate XML with enterprise process for realizing process data exchange among departments. In design of data warehosue, this paper chooses three-tier data warehouse structure and snowflake schema for indicating the complex relation between process data.
Authors: Rui Wang, Na Wang
Abstract: In this paper, it mainly introduces how to realize the stored procedure of the bank CRM with PL/SQL in ORACLE, and the related technologies in the process.
Authors: Na Ye, Ru Fu Qin
Abstract: The multi-source and Heterogeneous of Marine Environmental data and the independence of different business system of marine environmental protection cause the marine environmental protection to be information isolated island and bring inconvenience to the its Supervision Department. In this paper, the author points out to apply the virtualization methods to process the Marine Environmental Protection Data Integration, and adopt the WII technology frame to integrate the Marine Environmental Business System. This technology solution has been applied in the course of practical projects research.
Authors: Rui Wang, Na Wang
Abstract: In this paper, we research the stored procedure combined with the bank CRM system. Mainly introduces how to improve the efficiency of the stored procedure in ORACLEs PL/SQL in the banks CRM system.
Authors: Hai Ning An, Zi Yu Cheng
Abstract: Electronic archive files have its advantage on speedy Operation relative to the archive file, however, it is hard to prevent tampering and safe for the file. The E-archives digital signature technology is very important for the Electronic information security. We analysis needs for the system, and design system solutions after the comparing various Signature and Encryption Technology, and propose function and design for the main module. Besides, there is the detailed design on the User registration, DEA file structure.
Authors: Xiao Qing Li, Hu Sheng Liao
Abstract: Twig query, also known as tree pattern query (TPQ), is considered as the core operation of XML data queries. However, a complex XML query described by XQuery often cannot be represented by a single basic TPQ. Aiming at XQuery language, this paper presents a multi-layer tree pattern representation method, named MTP, and a matching algorithm MLTwig, which can effectively use intermediate results of outer query to match inner tree pattern in MTP based on a novel data structure, WTree, thereby saving time and space. Experimental results show that this algorithm can improve the processing efficiency for XQuery expression which can be represented by MTP.
Authors: Yong Kang Xu, You Qiao Zhao, Song Feng Lu
Abstract: A compression, encryption, storage and retrieval system for massive data is proposed and designed which can be used in these enterprises and institutions in which the business data, which need be protected, increases rapidly. In the system, XML file format is adapted as the intermediate switching format so that the detail of the multiple types of files can be omitted. A special index supporting compression and encryption is presented in the paper. In the process, the documents are stored in the server after compressed and encrypted; an end-user can retrieve the need documents efficiently by helping of the index structure. The security of the data is guaranteed since the data is not needed to be decompressed and decrypted in the retrieval process.

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