Mechanical and Electrical Technology VII

Volumes 799-800

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Li, Wu Ting Shen, Qing Long, Yun Hua Qin, Yao Dong Dai

Abstract: Prussian blue analogue nickel ferrocyanide (NiPB) decorated carbon nanotube sponge (CNT sponge) was prepared as a newly designed spongiform...

Authors: Yu Ting Zhang, Qiao Lei, Yi Ni Zhao, Jian Qiang Bao

Abstract: Four factors with three level Box-Behnken response surface design was employed to investigate the influence of whey protein isolate, sodium...

Authors: Dan Li, Chun Ju He

Abstract: The hydrophilic modification of poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membrane is achieved by using amphiphilic copolymer poly (2-hydroxyethyl...

Authors: Sinee Tungtriratanakul, Jantip Setthayanond, Potjanart Suwanruji, Porntip Sae-Bae

Abstract: This research studied the finishing process of nano TiO2 on PET fabric by thermal treatment. The effect of different curing...

Authors: Mohd Hasmizam Razali, Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Noor, Mahani Yusoff

Abstract: Photodegradation of phenol in aqueous solution was carried out using TiO2 nanotubular thin film. The TiO2 nanotubular...

Authors: Jeyashelly Andas, Fatin Atiqah Md Alyas

Abstract: Monometallic Ce, Cu and bimetallic Ce-Cu was successfully synthesized at room temperature using silica rice husk (RH) via sol-gel route and...

Authors: Eduardo R. Magdaluyo, Mark Gilbert B. Baltazar

Abstract: The ability of Citrus maxima or pomelo fruit peels for the removal of lead (II) ions in water was investigated. The influence of the...

Authors: Thitiphan Chimsook

Abstract: Freshwater macroalgae, Spirogyra spp., were extracted with ethanol and analyzed the antioxidant activity. The total phenolic contents...

Authors: M.S. Mohammed Yahya, Jeyashelly Andas, Ghani Zaidi Ab

Abstract: In this study, highly porous activated carbon was prepared from Cyrtosperma chamissonis petioles via single step...


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