Advanced Polymer Processing

Volumes 87-88

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Chao Liu, Bao Min Sun, Ti Kun Shan, Zhao Yong Ding

Abstract: Synthesis of carbon nanofibers from the V-type pyrolysis flame is a new method and it has wide application prospects. It needs simple...

Authors: Bao Min Sun, Yuan Chao Liu, Zhao Yong Ding

Abstract: Carbon nanotube is a new kind of carbon material. Synthesis of carbon nanotubes from V-type pyrolysis flame is a kind of novel technique. It...

Authors: Ze Peng Wang

Abstract: The basic and dynamic mechanical properties and thrermal conductivity of rubber composites filled with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and various...

Authors: Yue Long He, Yu Mei Ding

Abstract: It summarized the basic principle and characteristics of the rotational molding technology. Based on the experiment of the single axis...

Authors: Ping Guan, Xiao Ling Hu, Ya Mei Zhao

Abstract: Erythromycin molecularly imprinted membranes (EM-MIMs) were prepared by wet phase inversion from imprinted polymers which were prepared by...

Authors: Hong Wang, Zhi Hong Fu, Dong Gang Yao

Abstract: The shape change in microprofile extrusion was investigated using a capillary rheometer with two different die orifices:a trilobal and a...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Zhi Xiong Huang, Min Xian Shi

Abstract: The Density Function Theory (DFT) method are employed to study the geometries of the polybutadiene (C4H6)n(n=3,4,5)on the base of...

Authors: Ying An, Wei Min Yang, Yu Mei Ding, Yong Liu, Jing Tan

Abstract: The effects of a combination of polymeric plasticizers and bis(2-etylhexyl) phthalate (DOP) and DOP on mechanical and oil resistance...

Authors: Yan He, Zhen Chao Chen, Lian Xiang Ma

Abstract: Micro- and nano- silicone carbide particles are used as heat conductive fillers of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, and the influence of filler...

Authors: Nai Xu, De Min Jia

Abstract: Electrorheological (ER) characteristics of ER fluids (ERF) containing bacterial cellulose (BC) particles in silicone oil was investigated as...


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