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Authors: Zi Liang An, Shan Tung Tu
Abstract:Direct diffusion bonding of 316L stainless steel was performed at 850-1100°C for 1-3 h under a pressure of 10MPa in this study. The effect...
Authors: Mei Zhang, Peng Cheng Zhai, Jin Zhang Tong, Jiang Tao Zhang
Abstract:In this paper, the effect of imperfect inner interface on the stress fields in the coated inclusion composite is investigated, the...
Authors: Gorazd Fajdiga, Matjaž Šraml, Janez Kramar
Abstract:Rail dark spot defect, also termed as squat failure or shelling, is a rolling contact fatigue failure which occurs frequently on the high...
Authors: J. Weerheijm
Abstract:The rate effect on concrete tensile strength can be modeled by the description of crack extension in a fictitious fracture plane [1,2].The...
Authors: Cheol Woo Park, Jong Sung Sim
Abstract:Even though the application of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) as a concrete reinforcement becomes more common with various advantages, one...
Authors: Pei Qiang, Gui Xuan Wang, Xun Guo
Abstract:Free vibration characteristics of an elastic simple beam with a fatigue notch crack damage located any where of the beam is investigated....
Authors: Ke Ming Wang, Song Xiang
Abstract:Understanding dynamic behavior of a rotor system with a transverse crack is of great significance for operation reliability of rotating...
Authors: Hong Bo Liu, Chang Hai Zhai, Yong Song Shao, Li Li Xie
Abstract:The objective was to quantify the variation of stress intensity factor to weld root flaw sizes in steel frame connections. Finite-element...
Authors: Kee Nam Song, Kyung Ho Yoon, Jae Jun Lee, Kyung Jin Park
Abstract:The spacer grid assembly, which is an interconnected array of slotted grid straps and welded at the intersections to form an egg crate...
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