Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Ping Zhu, Guan Suo Dui

Abstract: In this paper, combined the micromechanical and the thermodynamic theory, a three phase model for the SMA composite is developed, in which...

Authors: Xiao Ming Tan, Yue Liang Chen, Ping Jin

Abstract: The corrosion, corrosion fatigue and fracture failure process of aircraft structure is directly concerned with combined effect of many...

Authors: Da Guo Wang, Ju Ying Yang, Li Chong Li, Wei Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical code, Realistic Failure Process Analysis code (RFPA), was used to perform a microscopic analysis of a crack in a...

Authors: Qing Min Yu, Zhu Feng Yue, Yong Shou Liu

Abstract: Fracture along an interface between materials plays a major role in failure of material. In this investigation, finite element calculations...

Authors: Xian Shun Bi, Bao Liang Liu

Abstract: This article provides a theoretical and numerical treatment of a crack subjected to an anti-plane shear loading in an infinite strip of...

Authors: Yao Chun Zhang, Wei An Lian, Wen Yuan Zhang

Abstract: The low cycle fatigue behavior and energy dissipation capacity around the weak axis of the welded I-section bracing members are...

Authors: Zhi Tao Mu, Wen Lin Liu, Ping Jin

Abstract: Using of a safe life approach is necessitated by the small critical crack sizes and rapid crack growth rates resulting from the severe...

Authors: M. Azeem Ashraf, Bijan Sobhi-Najafabadi, Michael G. Ellis, Hung Yao Hsu

Abstract: Virtual life testing is becoming a widely accepted methodology for predicting the life span of products. In this method, reliable models...

Authors: Chang Hong Liu, Hu Huang

Abstract: With the concepts of the confidence interval, a random parameter can be transformed into an interval number in the mesco ductile fracture....

Authors: Shou Hashiba, Michiaki Kobayashi, Setsuo Miura, Junichi Shibano

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