Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Lang Xu, Hong Bo Gao, Xiu Fang Zhang

Abstract: Using the double-edge notched geometry proposed by Xu and Reinhardt recently, the dimension of 200 mm×200 mm×100mm concrete cube specimens,...

Authors: Luboš Náhlík, Pavel Hutař, Zdeněk Knésl

Abstract: The article deals with the behaviour of a fatigue crack propagating across a bi-material interface. A stability criterion for the crack...

Authors: Qing Li, Jeffery Loughran, Zhong Xiao Peng, John Osborne

Abstract: Wear is often of definite influence in the service life of mechanical components and has been recognised as one of the major causes of...

Authors: Zhi Wei Chen, Jian Gang Wu

Abstract: Generalized fatigue damage is derived based on S-N curve under constant amplitude loads with S characterizes the load cycle by the...

Authors: Chuan Zeng Zhang, Xiao Wei Gao, Jan Sladek, Vladimir Sladek

Abstract: This paper presents a fracture mechanics analysis in continuously non-homogeneous, isotropic, linear elastic and functionally graded...

Authors: Yinong Liu, Yu Feng Zheng, Abdus Mahmud, Jamaluddin Laeng

Abstract: Near-equiatomic Ni-Ti alloys are known to exhibit shape memory effect associated with a B2↔B19’ martensitic transformation. These alloys...

Authors: Won Jo Park, Sun Chul Huh, Sung Ho Park, Hong Tae Song

Abstract: SiC materials have excellent high temperature strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good resistance to oxidation and good thermal...

Authors: Won Jo Park, Sun Chul Huh, Kang Young Lee, Sung Ho Park, Hwa Sik Hwang

Abstract: Recently, the steel parts used at the aerospace and automobile industries are required to be used high stress more than ever before in need...

Authors: Usik Lee, Deokki Youn

Abstract: By using a continuum modeling approach based on the equivalent elliptical crack representation of a local damage and the strain energy...

Authors: Fahim Hashmi, Su Jun Wu, Huan Xi Li

Abstract: Degradation of reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steels due to neutron irradiation embrittlement is directly related to safety and life of the...


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