Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Xi Chen, Qing Jie Jiao

Abstract: The high-speed photography and the non-linear dynamics engineering program LS-DYNA are conducted to research on Al and Cu armatures...

Authors: Myoung Gu Kim, Chong Du Cho, Chang Boo Kim, Ho Joon Cho

Abstract: Experimental and theoretical study of the non-planar response motions of a circular cantilever beam subject to base harmonic excitation has...

Authors: Yue Sheng Fu, Qing Ming Zhang, Han Jun Wang

Abstract: The variation process of radius and pressure of explosion products in borehole are analyzed in this paper, based on theory of damage and...

Authors: Geun Jo Han, Seong Wook Lee, Dong Seop Han

Abstract: The rail clamp is the device to prevent that a container crane slips along rails due to the wind blast as well as to locate the crane in...

Authors: Zhi Hua Wang, Hong Wei Ma, Long Mao Zhao, Gui Tong Yang

Abstract: The dynamic compressive behavior of open-cell aluminum alloy foams with different length of specimens was investigated using the split...

Authors: Kang Hee Lee, Heung Seok Kang, Kyung Ho Yoon, Kee Nam Song

Abstract: A 5x5 partial fuel assembly was used for a comparative design evaluation test of a newly developed spacer grid from a mechanical/hydraulic...

Authors: Gao Lin, Dong Ming Yan

Abstract: Understanding the behavior of concrete under dynamic loading conditions is an issue of great significance in earthquake engineering....

Authors: Hyung Seop Shin, Ki Hyun Kim

Abstract: In order to investigate the mechanical behavior of newly developed materials such as bulk amorphous metals, it is essential to use...

Authors: Jong Won Park, Hyoung Eui Kim

Abstract: A hydraulic breaker for construction machinery generally used for the destroying and disassembling of buildings, crashing road pavement,...

Authors: W.G. Wang, Y. Hasegawa, Yong Bum Choi, Nobuyuki Fuyama, Kazuhiro Matsugi, Osamu Yanagisawa, Gen Sasaki

Abstract: MgAl2O4 layer with several decade nano-meter in thickness was coated uniformly on Al18B4O33 whisker by vapor-deposition of pure magnesium...


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