Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Dal Woo Jung, Nak Sam Choi

Abstract: Fatigue fracture behavior of a hybrid composite joint with riveting was evaluated in comparison to the case of static fracture. Hybrid...

Authors: Jae Heon Lee, Seong Kyun Cheong, Ki Hoon Shin

Abstract: The concept of light weight design will be very helpful for the tilting train to travel around a curve at a faster speed because the light...

Authors: Meng Kao Yeh, Kuei Chang Tung

Abstract: The dynamic instability behavior of delaminated composite plates under transverse excitations was investigated experimentally and...

Authors: Chun Wang Zhao, Yong Ming Xing

Abstract: A micro mechanical study of Carbon/Epoxy composites with internally dropped plies has been made using micro-moiré interferometry. The...

Authors: Jin Hwe Kweon, Sang Min Choi, Hee Jin Son, Ji Young Choi, Jin Ho Choi, Woo Seong Che

Abstract: Progressive failure analysis based on the complete unloading method was conducted to investigate the crippling failure of carbon/epoxy...

Authors: Jin Ho Choi, Young Hwan Lee, Jin Hwe Kweon, Woo Seong Che

Abstract: As these composites have become more popular, composite joint design has become a very important research area, as these joints are often...

Authors: Qiang Yong Zhang, Wei Shen Zhu, Yong Li, X.H. Guo

Abstract: Geomechanics model test can simulate the real excavation process of geotechnical engineering and the mechanics deformation properties of...

Authors: Hun Sik Kim, Byung Hyun Park, Jin San Yoon, Hyoung Joon Jin

Abstract: Polymeric carbon nanotube composites constitute one of the most promising alternatives to conventional filled polymers. The dispersion of...

Authors: Jae Ki Sim, Kwang Hee Im, David K. Hsu, Sung Jin Song, Hyeon Cho, Hak Joon Kim, Young Hwan Seo, In Young Yang

Abstract: Carbon/phenolic composite (CPC) materials have obvious advantages over conventional materials, which are consisting of carbon fibers...

Authors: Ki Weon Kang, Seung Yong Yang, J.H. Kim, Jung Kyu Kim, Heung Seob Kim, H.J. Kim

Abstract: This paper deals with the damage behavior of glass/epoxy composite laminates subjected to low-velocity impact at various temperatures. For...


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