Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Qing Chun Zhou, Hai Bo Li, Chun He Yang, Chao Wen Luo

Abstract: The mechanical properties of rock under high temperature, high geostress and high pore pressure are the basic and important information to...

Authors: Shu Cai Li, Han Peng Wang, Qiang Yong Zhang, Yong Li

Abstract: It is very important to choose a similar material which simulates rock mass correctly in geo-mechanics model test. In this paper, we...

Authors: Young Ho Kim, Seung Sik Lee, Jae Ho Jung, Soon Jong Yoon

Abstract: This paper presents the results of an investigation on the force transfer mechanism in an embedded column base of a composite structure. In...

Authors: Young Ho Kim, Jae Ho Jung, Soon Jong Yoon, Won Sup Jang

Abstract: In the construction of composite bridge structures, various types of shear connectors are usually used to provide an efficient load...

Authors: Jin Woo Kim, Dong Gi Lee

Abstract: Measurement of fiber orientation distribution state is very important constituent to find out decision of processing condition of product...

Authors: Jin Ho Kim, Tae Wook Kim

Abstract: The study for cyclic load-displacement relationship and seismic characteristics of square Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular (CFT) columns is...

Authors: Sung Hyuk Lee, Cheol Woong Kim, Nak Sam Choi

Abstract: Bending collapse behaviors and energy absorption characteristics of aluminum-GFRP hybrid tube beams were evaluated by using experimental...

Authors: Hun Sik Kim, Byung Hyun Park, Min Sung Kang, Jin San Yoon, Hyoung Joon Jin

Abstract: Polycarbonate/multiwalled carbon nanotubes (PC/MWNT) nanocomposites with different contents of MWNT were successfully prepared by melt...

Authors: Seung Min Jang, Tadaharu Adachi, Akihiko Yamaji

Abstract: The development characteristics of impact-induced damage in carbon-fiber-reinforcedplastics (CFRP) laminates were experimentally studied...

Authors: Young Shin Lee, Je Jun Lee, Youn Ki Kang, Sun Young Song

Abstract: The strain distribution around the unstiffened and stiffened circular cutout of the isotropic stainless steel (ANSI type 304) and the GFRP...


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