Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Gu, Hong Yuan Liu, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: Based on our previous model on piezoelectric fibre pullout, the effects of electric input and piezoelectric parameters on the fatigue...

Authors: Klaus Friedrich, Patrick Klein, Geraldine Theiler, Lin Ye, Yiu Wing Mai

Abstract: This study deals with the development of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) based composites, optimized for low...

Authors: Wen Yi Yan, Qing Ping Sun

Abstract: Spherical indentation of superelastic shape memory alloys (SMAs) has been theoretically analyzed. Two characteristic points on the...

Authors: Hong Gang Zhu, Ricky S.C. Woo, Christopher K.Y. Leung, Jang Kyo Kim

Abstract: The wear resistance of epoxy-based nanocomposites reinforced with octadecylamine-modified clay was studied. Two testing methods, including...

Authors: It Meng Low, Jacob Somers, Wei Kong Pang

Abstract: Epoxy ecocomposites reinforced with recycled paper (rP) and nano-kaolinite (nK) have been synthesized. The effect of seawater soaking on...

Authors: Rui Xiang Bai, Bo Chen, Cheng Yan, Lin Ye, Ze Cheng Li, Hao Ran Chen

Abstract: This work investigated the post buckling strength and failure behavior of advanced grid stiffened structures (AGS) under thermal-mechanical...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhao, Robert Kwok Yiu Li

Abstract: Results on the effect of water absorption on the mechanical and dielectric properties of nano-size spherical alumina (Al2O3) filled epoxy...

Authors: Lu Ming Shen, Zhen Chen

Abstract: To better understand the responses of ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) under extreme working conditions, a numerical study is performed...

Authors: Yan Li, Hong Xia Deng, Ye Hong Yu

Abstract: Statistical methods were employed to study the structure characteristics of sisal fibers. Two types of fiber surface treatment methods,...

Authors: Emilien Durif, Wen Yi Yan, Yasuo Yamada, Cui E Wen

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