The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Zheng Kang, Yu Jie Liu, Jun Ding

Abstract: The cyclic deformation behavior of 6061Al-T6 alloy was studied by uniaxial cyclic straining or stressing tests at room and high...

Authors: Hee Jung Kim, Han Cheol Choe, Chae Heon Chung, William A. Brantley

Abstract: To evaluate the mechanical deformation phenomena of dental abutment screw after tightening and loosening, five species of abutments were...

Authors: Jeong Min Kim, Bong Koo Park, Joong Hwan Jun, Ki Tae Kim, Woon Jae Jung

Abstract: Mg-3%Zn-0.2%Zr based alloy sheets with various alloying elements additions were fabricated through thermo-mechanical process, and their...

Authors: Yoshito Nishimura, Nagato Ono, Sei Miura

Abstract: In order to make clear the micro-yielding mechanisms of polycrystalline metals including twins, the movement of dislocations in the surface...

Authors: Sei Miura, Yoshito Nishimura, Nagato Ono

Abstract: The effect of sub-grain on the yield stress of pure copper single crystals with the [253] orientation was investigated by using the etch...

Authors: Chen Guang Huang, Si Ying Chen, Chunkui Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the mechanical properties of several aluminum alloys are obtained experimentally at different temperatures, from room...


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