The Mechanical Behavior of Materials X

Volumes 345-346

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Suk Kim, Seung Man Nam, Sung Joon Kim

Abstract: Tensile deformation behavior of the high-nitrogen austenitic Fe-18Cr-14Mn-4Ni-3MoxN steel with various nitrogen contents has been studied....

Authors: Yasunori Harada, Kenzo Fukaura, Kenichiro Mori

Abstract: In the multi-stage deep drawing processes of a beta titanium alloy sheet, the formability has been investigated. The beta titanium alloy...

Authors: S.H. Chon, S.M. Liu, T.N. Kim, Joong Kuen Park

Abstract: The effect of deformation route on the mechanical properties of grade-1 CP-Ti deformed by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) was studied...

Authors: Takaaki Kitahara, Shinji Ando, Masayuki Tsushida, Hiromoto Kitahara, Hideki Tonda

Abstract: In general, deformation behavior of magnesium in compression is different from tensile. To investigate deformation behavior of magnesium...

Authors: X.B. Wang

Abstract: Gradient-dependent plasticity considering the microstructural effect is introduced into Johnson-Cook model to calculate the nonuniform...

Authors: Ayaka Kutsukake, Shinji Ando, Masayuki Tsushida, Hiromoto Kitahara, Hideki Tonda

Abstract: Generally, plastic deformation of magnesium alloys is difficult at room temperature. In order to improve formability of magnesium, impurity...

Authors: Jung Hyun Park, Hee Kyu Kim, Gi Suop Hong, Young Kyun Hong, Jeong Bae Yoon

Abstract: The study of girder-to-column joints under experiment and numerical analysis was carried out to evaluate change of the flexural capacity of...

Authors: Hidetoshi Sakamoto, Eiji Nakamachi, Lee Soo Jong

Abstract: The stress-strain characteristics and plastic behavior of aluminum alloy were examined by tensile test and infrared thermo-viewer. This...

Authors: Young Shin Lee, Jae Hyun Park, Jae Hoon Kim, Ki Up Cha, Suk Kyun Hong

Abstract: Autofrettage is used to introduce advantageous residual stresses into cylinders. The Bauschinger effect can produce less compressive...

Authors: Jae Jung Hwang, Tadaharu Adachi, Wakako Araki

Abstract: The time-temperature dependence of the compressive behavior of polypropylene (PP) foam was investigated to make predictions about what sort...


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