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Authors: Takayuki Kitamura, Hiroyuki Hirakata, Yoshimasa Takahashi
Abstract:The interface strength of low-dimensional nano-components such as films and islands formed on substrates has been investigated in this...
Authors: Niels Hansen
Abstract:Microstructural observations are presented for different metals deformed from low to high strain by both traditional and new metal working...
Authors: Zhi Xue Wu
Abstract:There is an inherent relationship between the shape and the corresponding stress intensity factor (SIF) distribution of a crack. A typical...
Authors: Tai Quan Zhou, Tommy Hung Tin Chan
Abstract:The crack growth behavior and the fatigue life of welded members with initial crack in bridges under traffic loading were investigated....
Authors: Rui Cao, Jian Hong Chen, J. Zhang
Abstract:Combining in-situ tensile tests with detailed observations of fracture surfaces of a two-phase TiAl alloy, the fracture process and fracture...
Authors: Xin Gang Li, Cheng Jin, Li Zhang, Da Yong Chu
Abstract:In this paper, the behavior of a finite crack in an infinite plate of functionally graded materials (FGM) with free boundary subjected to...
Authors: Cheng Jin, Xin Gang Li, Li Zhang
Abstract:A moving crack in a laminated structure with free boundary subjected to anti-plane shear loading is investigated in this paper. Using the...
Authors: Yong Xiang Zhao, Bing Yang, Wei Hua Zhang
Abstract:Surface and depth morphology evodslutions of short crack propagation of 1Cr18Ni9Ti weld metal are investigated. In accordance with the...
Authors: Jian Qui Zhou, Yuan Ling Li
Abstract:In order to understand the grain size and porosity dependent mechanical behavior of porous, multi-phase nanocrystalline ceramics, each phase...
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