Progresses in Fracture and Strength of Materials and Structures

Volumes 353-358

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Lin He, Ying Xia Yu, Er Yu Shao

Abstract: The effect of undissolved ferrite amount on impact fatigue properties and failure mechanism were studied by using 42CrMo steel with...

Authors: Y.G. Wang, Zhao Qian Li, Ming Chen

Abstract: Thermal shock properties of Q235A steel used ternary-boride-based (TBB) cladding material has been studied. The result indicates that this...

Authors: Bing Yang, Yong Xiang Zhao

Abstract: Considering the difference between specimens and RD2 axle of C64A freight car, the extrapolated probabilistic fatigue S-N curves of LZ50...

Authors: Bing Yang, Yong Xiang Zhao, Wei Hua Zhang

Abstract: Because of the huge cost involved in data acquisition, probabilistic S-N relations should be given on a wide applicable sense to perform...

Authors: Li Jun Han, Yong Nian He, Hou Quan Zhang

Abstract: A complete stress-strain experiment curve, gained through exerting low confining pressure on brittle rock, reflects the deformation and...

Authors: Zheng Yang, Chong Du Cho, Ting Ya Su, Chang Boo Kim, Hyeon Gyu Beom

Abstract: Based on detailed three-dimensional finite element analyses, elastic stress and strain field of ellipse major axis end in plates with...

Authors: Ji Feng Tian, Ge Yao, Qi Shan Zang

Abstract: Failure analysis of 4 swirls in the fuel nozzle of a gas turbine was made by macroscopic and microscopic examination, and verified test...

Authors: Hong Zhong Huang, G. Huang, Qiang Miao, Dan Ling, Q. Ma

Abstract: A new model is proposed for the analysis of fatigue crack growth under random loading. The fatigue rule of crack length is transformed into...

Authors: Yu Ting He, Feng Li, Chao Hua Fan

Abstract: An effective energy criterion is presented and can be narrated as follows: only the effective release energy has an immediate effect on...

Authors: Dae Kyu Park, Seung Wan Woo, Yong Tak Bae, Il Sup Chung, Young Suck Chai, Jae Do Kwon

Abstract: Mechanical breakdown often comes from the fatigue in many structural parts and nuclear power plants. Among the fatigue phenomenon,...


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