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Authors: Guang Fu Li, Guo Liang Zhang, Jian Jiang Zhou, Chun Bo Huang, Wu Yang
Authors: Guang Fu Li, Chun Bo Huang, Hao Guo, Wu Yang
Abstract:Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) behaviors of pipeline steel X70 in various near-neutral pH soil environments with characteristics of eastern...
Authors: Nu Yan, Qing Yuan Wang, Q. Chen, J.J. Sun
Abstract:In order to investigate the influence of loading frequency on the fatigue behaviors of the high strength steel, ultrasonic fatigue tests...
Authors: Hyeon Gyu Beom, Y.H. Kim, C.K. Yoon, Chong Du Cho
Abstract:A crack on the conductive interface between two dissimilar piezoelectric ceramics under electromechanical loading is investigated. The...
Authors: Tang Li, Qing Yuan Wang, Q.F. Dou, Chong Wang, M.R. Sriraman
Abstract:Very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) properties of high-pressure die cast Magnesium alloy AZ91HP have been investigated. Ultrasonic fatigue tests...
Authors: W.G. Mao, C.Y. Dai, Yi Chun Zhou, Q.X. Liu
Abstract:This paper investigated the thermo-mechanical bending failure characteristic of air plasma-sprayed (APS) thermal barrier coating (TBC)...
Authors: Nobusuke Hattori, Shinichi Nishida, Y. Yano, J. Ding
Abstract:The effect of stress concentration factor on the fatigue properties of typical austenitic stainless steel SUS304 have been investigated...
Authors: Yoichi Kayamori, S. Hillmansen, P.S.J. Crofton, Roderick A. Smith
Abstract:Static ductile crack propagation tests were conducted using two pressurised thin carbon-manganese steel tube specimens, and the crack tip...
Authors: Guan Chen, Hong Ping Zhao, Shao Hua Ji, Xi Qiao Feng, Hui Ji Shi
Abstract:Rolling contact fatigue (RCF) cracks initiated from surface and subsurface defects are typical failure modes of bearing systems. In this...
Authors: Zhen Gong Zhou, Lin Zhi Wu
Abstract:In this paper, the non-local theory of elasticity was applied to obtain the dynamic behavior of a Griffith crack in functionally graded...
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