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Authors: Kyohei Kondo
Abstract:The Timoshenko beam theory is used to model each part of cracked beam and to calculate the potential energy release rate. Calculations are...
Authors: Hiroshi Saito, Isao Kimpara
Abstract:The effect of water absorption on the compressive strength after impact (CAI strength) and the post impact fatigue (PIF) properties of CFRP...
Authors: Yong Quan Lin, Zi Yun Wen, Yong Min Yang, Yi Bo Yang, Dong Lin
Abstract:Feasibility study of partially replacement of cement and ground sand by ground steel slag (GSS) and ground granulated blast furnace slag...
Authors: Khaled Habib
Abstract:In the present work, thermal expansion coefficients of a number of ceramic coatings were studied by a non-destructive technique (NDT) known...
Authors: Yuichi Nishida, Teruo Kimura, Katsuji Shibata
Abstract:This report proposed the injection molding method of thermoplastic composite materials reinforced by the glass fiber extracted from FRP...
Authors: H. Ku, Mohan Trada, V.C. Puttgunta
Abstract:Composite components made from vinyl ester resins by Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fiber Composites (CEEFC), University of Southern...
Authors: Peng Xiao, Shu Hua Liang, Qing Yan Peng, Zhi Kang Fan
Abstract:CuW50Cr25 composite prepared by infiltration was investigated. The results show that the microstructure consists of four phases: W-rich and...
Authors: Leon W. Davies, Richard J. Day, David Bond, Alan Nesbitt, John Ellis, Emilie Gardon
Abstract:Although the autoclave technique produces composite parts of high quality, the process is time consuming and has intrinsically high capital...
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