Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shiro Biwa, Kazuhiro Nakashima, Eiji Matsumoto

Abstract: Elastic wave transmission characteristics through a fiber-reinforced composite layer are studied by the two-dimensional steady-state finite...

Authors: Sang Guk Kang, Myung Gon Kim, Sang Wuk Park, Chun Gon Kim, Cheol Won Kong

Abstract: Nowadays, researches for replacing material systems for cryogenic propellant tanks by composites have been being performed for the purpose...

Authors: Weeraw Sunsaneeyametha, Angkhana Jaroenworaluck, Nudthakarn Kosachan, Ron Stevens

Abstract: The composite, based on a polymer matrix such as Bisphenol A glycol dimethacrylate (Bis-GMA), urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA), and...

Authors: Seung Jo Kim, Seung Hoon Paik, Kuk Hyun Ji, Tae Ho Yoon

Abstract: Laminated composite plates have lower interlaminar strength making it difficult to apply interference-fit rivet joining. In this paper, a...

Authors: Cheol Woong Kim, Sung Hyuk Lee, Sang Heon Lee, Kee Joo Kim

Abstract: Ankle Foot Orthosis (A.F.O) should endure the uncountable repeating impact and fatigue loadings due to the gait characteristics. This study...

Authors: Cheol Woong Kim, Sang Heon Lee, Kee Joo Kim

Abstract: The applicable bending moment equation of LIPCA is necessary even though the fiber layer ply orientation is changed. The aim of this...

Authors: Kazuto Tanaka, Koji Kamada, Tsutao Katayama

Abstract: Nature has developed many novel solutions and extracting these design solutions from nature is known as biomimetics. Cancellous bone...

Authors: Jin Hong Li, Hong Wen Ma, Hong Wei Zhao

Abstract: Sulphoaluminate-alite cement (SAAC) was successfully prepared from high alumina fly ash. XRD analysis indicated that the optimal...

Authors: Wang Xiang, Peng Tao Gai

Abstract: TiCp/ZA-12 composites have been fabricated by XDTM method and stirring-casting techniques. The behavior of TiC particle in the...

Authors: Takayuki Kusaka, Keiko Watanabe, Ken Suke Okubo, Hironori Namiki

Abstract: A novel retrofitting method using extremely prestressed carbon fiber sheets, MLML (Multi-Layer Multi-Tensioning) method, was proposed for...


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