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Authors: Chang Duk Kong, Hyun Bum Park, Jae Huy Yoon, Kuk Jin Kang
Abstract:Conceptual structural design of the main wing for the 20 seats WIG(Wing in Ground Effect)flight vehicle, which will be a high speed maritime...
Authors: Joung Hwan Lee, Costas Soutis, Chang Duk Kong
Abstract:Existing test methods for thick-section specimens (≥ 4[mm]) have not provided precise compressive properties to date for the analysis and...
Authors: Won Seok Kim, Jung Ju Lee
Abstract:Adhesive bonding between different materials has been widely used for a large variety of applications, such as in the aircraft, automotive,...
Authors: Myung Gon Kim, Joong Sik Hong, Sang Guk Kang, Chun Gon Kim, Cheol Won Kong
Abstract:The improvement of crack resistance is essential to the application of composites for cryogenic use such as structures storing liquid oxygen...
Authors: Takanori Matsuo, Alexandre Gomes, Koichi Goda, Jun Ji Ohgi
Abstract:Environment-friendly green composites were developed by combining a biodegradable resin with curaua fibers. The composites were fabricated...
Authors: K. Hynstova, Josef Jancar, J. Zidek
Abstract:Molecular simulation of single chain in the vicinity of nanoparticle in comparison with pure system is presented. According to the Rouse...
Authors: Joo Hyung Joo, Soon Jong Yoon, Ju Kyung Park, Sun Kyu Cho
Abstract:Recently there has been an increased demand in the use of FRP materials as load-bearing structural elements for the civil engineering...
Authors: Jeong Hun Nam, Soon Jong Yoon, Dong Min Ok, Sun Kyu Cho
Abstract:In recent years, the FRP-concrete composite bridge deck system has been introduced because of its light-weight and durability. The...
Authors: Hitoshi Takagi, Akira Asano
Abstract:Environment-friendly “green” composites were fabricated from a starch-based, dispersion-type biodegradable resin and cellulose nanofibers....
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