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Authors: Zhi Kang Fan, Peng Xiao
Abstract:The microstructures of Cu-Cr alloys with 2.0-4.2wt%Cr have been studied. Very little dendritic copper was found in supereutectic Cu-Cr alloy...
Authors: Chun Te Lin, Kuo Ning Chiang
Abstract:This paper proposes a novel atomistic-continuum mechanics (ACM) based on the finite element method (FEM) to investigate the mechanical bulk...
Authors: Yun Peng Jiang
Abstract:Firstly the tension experiment was undertaken to investigate the mechanic behaviors of the flange repaired composite panels in this paper....
Authors: F.M. Zhao, Z. Liu, F.R. Jones
Abstract:Phase-stepping photoelasticity has been used to study the fragmentation of an E-glass fibre in epoxy resin and examine quantitatively the...
Authors: Yan Chun Liu, An Ze Shui, Xue Tan Ren, Ling Ke Zeng
Abstract:Spherical alumina powder and dispersant were mixed with distilled and deionized water, and ball milled to make alumina slurry. The slurry...
Authors: Si Young Sung, Bong Jae Choi, Young Jig Kim
Abstract:The aim of this study is to evaluated the possibility of the in-situ synthesized (TiC+TiB) reinforced titanium matrix composites (TMCs) for...
Authors: Xiao Jun Shao, Zhu Feng Yue
Abstract:Compressive experiments and finite element method (FEM) have been used to study the mechanical behavior of composite laminate with plies...
Authors: Zhen Shen, Sheng Chun Yang, Pu Hui Chen
Abstract:In this paper the relationship between CAI and compressive design allowables of composite structures were discussed and it was pointed out...
Authors: K.C. Chung, Dickon H.L. Ng
Abstract:Iron-hercynite composite was synthesized from Al and Fe3O4 powders by reaction sintering at ~1350oC, or by arc-melting. In reaction...
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