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Authors: Jae Lim You, B.J. Park, I.B. Jang, Hyoung Jin Choi
Abstract:To enhance dispersion stability of magnetorheological (MR) fluids, hybrid magnetic particles of carbonyl iron (CI)/ poly(vinyl butyral)...
Authors: Yoshio Aoki, Goichi Ben, Yuka Iizuka
Abstract:Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminates are used in the wide field, because they have excellent properties of a specific strength...
Authors: Chang Liu, Xi Feng Qin, Zhu Hong Yang, Xin Feng, Xiao Hua Lu
Abstract:In this work, flux method is used to control the surface morphologies and crystal structures of the fine K2Ti6O13 fibers. When K2CO3 as a...
Authors: Akbar Shojaei, A. Spah
Abstract:In the present investigation, mold filling process of resin injection/compression molding (RI/CM) is compared with resin transfer molding...
Authors: Yasumasa Nakanishi, Kin'ya Matsumoto, Masaru Zako, Yukiko Yamada
Abstract:The estimation method of the damping properties for woven composites has proposed. The proposed method has been applied to the plain woven...
Authors: Li Li Tong, Zhen Qing Wang, Bao Hua Sun
Abstract:Numerical simulation for unidirectional hoop composite laminates under flexural loads was finished. The change of tensile and compressive...
Authors: Yong Cao, Shinichi Shibata, Koichi Goda
Abstract:Biodegradable composites made from bagasse fiber and biodegradable resin were prepared and the biodegradation were investigated by the soil...
Authors: Guilhem Jugla, Ch. Jochum, J.C. Grandidier
Abstract:The general aim of this work is to provide a numerical tool devoted to the description of thermosetting matrix properties evolutions all...
Authors: Edith Mäder, Christina Rothe, Harald Brünig, Thomas Leopold
Abstract:A unique melt spinning equipment for E-glass is compatibly combined with a melt spinning extruder to manufacture commingled yarns. The...
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