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Authors: Gui Ping Zhao, Zheng Hao Wang, Jian Xin Zhang, Chong Du Cho
Abstract:The response of Carbon/epoxy composites under high velocity impact was investigated experimentally. The strain rate dependent behavior of...
Authors: Mohd Ariff Jamaludin, Norlida Kamarulzaman, Mansur Ahmad
Abstract:The use of alternative materials from agriculture and plantation bio-mass has widely been researched especially for use in bio-composites....
Authors: Tomoaki Kaneda, Teruo Kimura
Abstract:In the textile industry, recently, it is urgent to develop the recycling system of the polyester fiber waste which results from the...
Authors: Daisuke Narita, Yoshihiro Narita
Abstract:Despite a large number of technical papers on vibration of composite shallow shells, all the previous papers have dealt with shallow shells...
Authors: Shinya Honda, Yoshihiro Narita, Katsuhiko Sasaki
Abstract:Structural plate elements in composite structures are typically fabricated by stacking orthotropic layers, each of which is composed of...
Authors: Takuma Kawakami, Yoshihiro Narita, Katsuhiko Sasaki
Abstract:Composite materials are frequently used in automobile and other moving vehicle structures. External and internal sounds sometimes cause...
Authors: Kenichi Murayama, Yoshihiro Narita, Katsuhiko Sasaki
Authors: Hiroyuki Saito
Abstract:Steel reinforcement concrete is one of the most widely used composite materials in architectural and civil engineering. The alkaline of...
Authors: Zhi Min Ao, Qing Jiang
Abstract:The size dependent miscibility of binary polymer blend films of polystyrene (PS) and tetramethylbisphenol-A polycarbonate (TMPC) is studied...
Authors: Wen Yan Liang, Zhen Qing Wang, Hong Quing Lu, Yong Jun Wang
Abstract:Under the assumption that the artificial viscosity coefficient at the propagating crack tip is in inverse proportion to power law of the...
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