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Authors: R. Umer, S. Bickerton, Alan Fernyhough
Abstract:Liquid Composite Moulding (LCM) processes are commonly used techniques for the manufacture of advanced composite structures. This study...
Authors: Si Xin Zhao, Wei Wang, Da Li Mao
Authors: Si Xin Zhao, Wei Wang, Da Li Mao
Abstract:The maximum number of carbon atoms adsorbed at edge dislocation was calculated using a model based on Boltzmann distribution. The number of...
Authors: Irina Hussainova
Abstract:The properties, performance, and reliability of a cermet material depend mostly on the intrinsic properties influenced by microstructure...
Authors: Chen Chi M. Ma
Abstract:This presentation will illustrate the history, current status and future development of composite and FRP industry in Taiwan. This paper...
Authors: Hang Yin Ling, P. Carrie Choi, Y.P. Zheng, Alan Kin Tak Lau
Abstract:This paper demonstrates the use of ultrasound (US) indentation technique for estimating the mechanical properties of tissue- mimicking...
Authors: Fu Hong Dai, Bo Ming Zhang, Xiao Dong He, Shan Yi Du
Abstract:An analytical model was established by means of Ritz method to calculate the cured shape of cross-ply unsymmetric composite laminates. A...
Authors: Yan Hong Cai, Hao Ran Chen
Abstract:The dynamic stress intensity factor was studied about the Griffith crack between the visco-elastic layer and elastic body under shear...
Authors: Dong Mei Zhu, Hong Na Du, Fa Luo, Wan Cheng Zhou
Abstract:A series of carbon fiber reinforced C-SiC dual matrix composites (C/C-SiC composites) were developed through precursor infiltration of...
Authors: Dong Mei Zhu, Zhang Long Xie, Fa Luo, Wan Cheng Zhou
Abstract:Sodium superionic conductor, NASICON ceramic (Na1+xZr2SixP3-xO12, x=2), was hot-press sintered under different temperatures and the...
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