Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Ping Zhou, Jia Qu

Abstract: When the KId (dynamic fracture toughness) of the three point bending components is tested on the SHPB device, the signals of reflected...

Authors: Hui Wan, Zhen Yu Hu, Wu Jun Bao, Guo Ming Hu

Abstract: This study deals with the in-plane Young’s moduli of two-dimensional auxetic cellular materials with negative Poisson’s ratios. The...

Authors: Ka Lok Leung, Allan J. Easteal, Debes Bhattacharyya

Abstract: Tensile properties and morphology of poly(ethylene naphthalate)/polyolefin blends and the relationship with the extrusion die size were...

Authors: Yong Bing Ji, Tie Hu Li, Qi Lang Lin, Chan Ging Fang, Xiao Xian Wang

Abstract: Mesophase pitch (MPP) has a high carbon yield and excellent graphitizability, compared with commercial coal tar pitch (CTP), which make it...

Authors: Mei Yi Yang, Jong Shin Huang

Abstract: Ductile honeycombs under in-plane biaxial loads fail by elastic buckling, plastic yielding and fast fracture of solid cell edges, while...

Authors: Peng Xiao, Shu Hua Liang, Wei Bing Zhao, Zhi Kang Fan

Abstract: A series of CuW60Cr15 composites with different Cr particle size ranging from 43μm to147μm in diameter have been prepared by infiltration....

Authors: Lei Mei, Xi Gao Jin, Xiao Dong He, Ya Lin Tang, Jian Xu

Abstract: The interfacial structure and interactions of amine-cured epoxy resin (EP) / aluminium oxidie system were investigated in this...

Authors: K.S. Kim, J.S. Yoo, Jae Mo An, Young Soon Jang, Yeong Moo Yi, Gwang Rae Cho

Abstract: Postbuckling failure behaviors and strength were investigated in compression tests of the hat stiffened composite panels manufactured with...

Authors: Do Yeon Hwang, Akira Shimamoto, Kazuyoshi Takayama

Abstract: This study examined the dynamic penetration phenomena of high-velocity impact of magnesium alloy  CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic)...

Authors: Shu Hua Liang, Peng Xiao, Xian Hui Wang, Zhi Kang Fan

Abstract: This investigation was conducted to study the effect of Al(Cr) content in Cu-Al(Cr) pre-alloyed powders on the distribution of Al2O3(Cr2O3)...


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