Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Akihiro Wada, Yusuke Nagata, Shi Nya Motogi

Abstract: In this study, partially debonded spherical particles in a particulate composite are analyzed by three-dimensional finite element method to...

Authors: Norlida Kamarulzaman, Shahril Anuar Bahari, Mohd Nazarudin Zakaria, Mohd Ariff Jamaludin

Abstract: This paper discusses the results from a study that has been undertaken to develop a product from bamboo culm’s outer skin that was...

Authors: Tetsuya Matsuda, Y. Nimiya, Nobutada Ohno, Masamichi Kawai

Abstract: In the present study, a method for reducing the domain of analysis is developed for the homogenization analysis of plain-woven laminates....

Authors: Ming Fa Ren, Hao Ran Chen

Abstract: In accordance with Helliger-Reissner variational principle, a semi-analytical Hamiltonian method has been developed for analyzing the...

Authors: Pooria Pasbakhsh, J. Zamani, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: The ablation properties, thermal resistance and micro structural behavior of the phenolic resin (Resole) composites have been investigated...

Authors: Masamichi Kawai

Abstract: The full shape of constant fatigue life (CFL) diagram has been identified for three kinds of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP)...

Authors: Masamichi Kawai, H. Kamioka, Jian Qi Zhang, Tetsuya Matsuda

Abstract: Off-axis creep recovery behavior after complete unloading during creep at a constant stress is examined for a unidirectional T800H/3631...

Authors: H. Takashima, Masamichi Kawai, Tetsuya Matsuda

Abstract: Off-axis tensile behavior of two grades of hybrid laminates, GLARE-2 and GLARE-3, made of unidirectional glass/epoxy laminae (GFRP) and...


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