Advances in Composite Materials and Structures

Volumes 334-335

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Liu, Shang Lin Gao, Edith Mäder, A.D. Bianchi, Thilo Herrmannsdörfer, S. Zherlitsyn, B.S.A. Zvyagin, J. Wosnitza

Abstract: The high performance of poly p-phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole (PBO) fibre in mechanical properties and environmental resistance provides...

Authors: Tao Xu, Shan Yong Wang, Chun An Tang, Li Song, Shi Bin Tang

Abstract: In this paper, a coupled thermal-mechanical-damage model, Material Failure Process Analysis for Thermo code (abbreviated as MFPA-thermo),...

Authors: Hiroaki Nakai, Hiromasa Tomioka, Tetsusei Kurashiki, Masaru Zako

Abstract: To predict the mechanical properties of composite materials by using computer is complicated, because it is difficult to model directly by...

Authors: Li Kun Qin, Hao Ran Chen, Yu Jie Wang, Dong Fu Zhao, Jia Wei Yao

Abstract: Biaxial compressive tests of plain concrete specimens suffering 0、25、50 and 75 cycles of freezing and thawing respectively in 3.5% sodium...

Authors: R.J. Shields, Debes Bhattacharyya, S. Fakirov

Abstract: The objective of this study was to manufacture and investigate the properties of barrier films made from microfibril-reinforced polymer...

Authors: B. Zhu, T.X. Yu, Xiao Ming Tao

Abstract: Large shear deformation of plain woven composite sheets and corresponding failure mechanism are investigated by bias extension test....

Authors: Tetsusei Kurashiki, Hiroaki Nakai, Satoru Hirosawa, Makoto Imura, Masaru Zako, Ignaas Verpoest, Stepan V. Lomov

Abstract: To make an expansion of composite consumption ever widening with use at demanding and safety critical applications, it is important to...

Authors: Ik Hyeon Choi

Abstract: Recently, author had presented that impact force history of composite laminates subjected to low-velocity impact could be well analyzed...

Authors: Xiao Wen Yuan, Debes Bhattacharyya, Allan J. Easteal

Abstract: The usefulness of rotational moulding (rotomoulding) as a polymer processing technique is often limited by the selection of polymers, which...

Authors: Y.L. Chiu, V. So, Zheng Wei Li

Abstract: In this work, we report our study of the microstructure and mechanical properties of pure Ti, Ti-11Al, Ti-47Al and Ti-6Al-4V nanostructure...


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