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Authors: Qing Hua Zeng, Ai Bing Yu, Gao Qing Max Lu
Abstract:Polymer nanocomposites are recognized as the next generation of polymer composites due to their exceptional properties. Understanding the...
Authors: Shang Lin Gao, Edith Mäder, Rosemarie Plonka
Abstract:Surface defects cause the measured tensile strength of glass and other brittle materials significantly lower than their theoretical values....
Authors: D.H. Choi, C.W. Lee, P.S. Lee, J.H. Lee, W. Hwang, Kun Hong Lee, Hyun Chul Park
Abstract:Young’s modulus of nanohoneycomb structures in the vertical direction relative to the pore (generally along the beam length) is measured...
Authors: Ming Chuen Yip, Hung Yuan Wu
Abstract:Carbon nanotubes have excellent mechanical and electrical properties such as high stiffness, light weight, heat stability, excellent heat...
Authors: Jia Lin Tsai, Ming Dao Wu
Abstract:This research focuses on the fabrication of glass fiber/epoxy organoclay nanocomposites as well as on the investigation of organoclay effect...
Authors: Shi Hua Tzeng, Jia Lin Tsai
Abstract:This research is aimed to fabricate the nano and micron particle reinforced composites as well as to understand the particulate size effect...
Authors: K.B. Cheng, T.H. Tang, T.W. Cheng, H.P. Chen
Authors: Julian Y.H. Chia, Kais Hbaieb, Q.X. Wang
Abstract:A full 3D finite element method has been used to understand how nano-clay particles affect the mechanical properties of an epoxy/clay...
Authors: Han Lang Wu, Chen Chi M. Ma, Chung Hao Wang
Abstract:The functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) have been prepared by free radical reaction with maleic acid and maleic anhydride. The...
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