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Authors: Tan Xiao, Yu Ren, Ping Wu, Liao Kin
Abstract:Tensile strength distributions of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs), single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) ropes and sub-bundles are...
Authors: Peng Cheng Ma, Jang Kyo Kim, Ben Zhong Tang
Abstract:This paper presents a method for chemical functionalization of CNTs through the combined process of UV/O3 treatment and silanization...
Authors: Naveed A. Siddiqui, Jang Kyo Kim, Farjaad Muzaffar, Arshad Munir
Abstract:This paper reports a study based on a novel concept of ‘self-healing’ coatings applied onto the brittle fibre surface to reduce the stress...
Authors: Dong Lin Zhao, Hong Mei Chai, Yun Fang Liu, Zeng Min Shen
Abstract:Thin films of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA),poly(vinyl acetate) (PVAc) and carbon nanotube composites were produced by different coating...
Authors: Yan Yang, Hai Tao Huang
Abstract:A simple method is described for preparing silver nanoparticles via photoreduction in layered laponite suspensions without any additional...
Authors: Yun Ze Shi, Hui Qing Fan, Mei Tian Bi, Jie Zhang, Xian Hua Zeng
Abstract:Mono-dispersed silver nanoparticles with various morphologies were synthesized in large quantities by reducing silver nitrate with ethylene...
Authors: Yi He Zhang, Y. Li, Hai Tao Huang, Sha Ming Ke, Li Hang Zhao, Helen Lai Wah Chan
Abstract:In order to obtain thin film dielectric layers with very low dielectric constants for use in microelectronic devices, polyimide nanofoamed...
Authors: Wei Tan, Yi He Zhang, Yau Shan Szeto, Li Bing Liao
Abstract:It was shown that chitosan and hydroxy-aluminum pillared montmorillonites were excellent materials for the removal of dyes and metal ions...
Authors: Joon Hyung Byun, Kyeong Sik Min, Yeun Ho Yu, Moon Kwang Um, Sang Kwan Lee
Abstract:This study describes a method of good dispersion and alignment of VGCFs, and examines the effect of nanofiber content on the mechanical...
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