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Authors: M. Bill Wong
Abstract:The configuration of a steel beam in a concrete/steel composite floor in fire gives rise to a non-uniform temperature profile across the...
Authors: Salvatore Federico, Alfio Grillo, Walter Herzog, Gaetano Giaquinta, Shōji Imatani
Abstract:Biological materials can be regarded as composites with spheroidal and fibre-like inclusions, representing cells and collagen fibres,...
Authors: Rie Higuchi, Yoshinori Kanno
Abstract:The main purpose of this study was to investigate the strength and performance of CFRP by using simple fiber-reinforced methods. It shows...
Authors: Masamichi Kawai, Akihiro Tanaka
Abstract:Effects of the thickness of plies of the same orientation on the notched strength of symmetric cross-ply CFRP laminates are examined. Three...
Authors: Masamichi Kawai, Jian Qi Zhang
Abstract:A macromechanics constitutive model to describe the anisotropic creep behavior of unidirectional composites under off-axis loading...
Authors: Souta Kimura, Jun Koyanagi, Takayuki Hama, Hiroyuki Kawada
Abstract:An energy-based analysis has been developed to evaluate interfacial adhesion between fiber and matrix in a single fiber composite over the...
Authors: Nobutada Ohno, Dai Okumura
Abstract:The self energy of geometrically necessary dislocations (GNDs) in single crystals is considered to inevitably introduce a higher-order...
Authors: Wing Bun Lee, Yi Ping Chen, Sandy To
Abstract:A rate-dependent crystal plasticity constitutive model together with Marciniak- Kuczynski(M-K) approach is employed to perform numerical...
Authors: Ryouji Kondou, Tetsuya Ohashi
Abstract:Slip deformation phenomena in compatible type multi crystal models subjected to tensile load are analyzed by a finite element crystal...
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