Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications

Volumes 340-341

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Seok Bong Kim, Hoon Huh, Sung Ho Park, Ji Ho Lim

Abstract: This paper investigates the dynamic tensile characteristics of TRIP600, TRIP800, DP600 and DP800 at the range of strain rate from 0.003 to...

Authors: Guo Yun Lu, Shan Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Some experimental results of the free-free tubes laterally impacted by the missile were given and the finite element program LS-DYNA was...

Authors: Gui Tong Yang, Gui Ying Wu, Nian Mei Zhang

Abstract: The counterintuitive phenomena of elastic, perfectly plastic beam, circular plate and square plate are investigated numerically and...

Authors: Ai Lan Che, Xiu Run Ge, Takahiro Iwatate

Abstract: An urgent is needed on the preservation of Chinese architectural heritages, since environmental and time impacts have been abating their...

Authors: Jung Han Song, Hoon Huh

Abstract: The dynamic response of the turbine blade materials is indispensable for analysis of erosions of turbine blades as a result of impulsive...

Authors: Hui Lan Ren, Ping Li

Abstract: The dynamic response of polycrystalline alumina were investigated in the pressure range of 0-13Gpa by planar impact experiments. Manganin...

Authors: Xiao Wei Chen, Fang Ju Zhang, Bin Liang, Ruo Ze Xie, Ai Ming Xu

Abstract: For researching the terminal ballistic effect of the Fragment Simulation Projectile (FSP), the experiments that A3 steel cylindrical...

Authors: Peter B. Béda

Abstract: This paper studies Portevin-Le Chatelier (PLC) effect as a form of dynamic material instability. In such phenomenon negative rate...

Authors: Guan Wei Luo, Yan Long Zhang, Hui Ming Yao

Abstract: A mathematical model is developed to describe the characteristic behavior of a small vibro-impact pile driver. Dynamics of the small...

Authors: Tsutomu Umeda, Koji Mimura, Masaki Makino

Abstract: The high measurement accuracy in dynamic tension testing is required for designs and numerical simulations based on the accurate modeling...


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