High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Qi Wang, Yun Fa Chen, Min Yang, Xiao Feng Wu, Ya Jun Tian

Abstract: Low agglomerating spherical α-Fe2O3 nanopowders were synthesized by catalytic phase transformation in hydrothermal reaction and then dried...

Authors: Qing Li Ren, Qiang Luo

Abstract: The highly pure nanocrystalline Mg,Al-hydrotalcite with Sr2+ doping was synthesized by the one-step liquid reaction method at atmospheric...

Authors: Qi Zhou, Shu Jun Zang, Qin Ma, Jian Jun Liu, Chun Lei Chang

Abstract: Mechanical milling effects on the formation of Mg2Si-based composite toughened by Al in-situ via solid-state reaction were investigated....

Authors: Hai Jun Zhang, En Xia Xiu, Xiu Juan Wang, Quan Li Jia, Hong Wei Sun, Xiao Lin Jia

Abstract: The thermal decomposition of ammonium aluminum carbonate hydroxide was studied under non-isothermal conditions in air. The decomposition...

Authors: Eugene Olevsky, S. Kandukuri, Ludo Froyen

Abstract: Spark-Plasma Sintering (SPS) involves rapid heating of powder by electric current with simultaneous application of external pressure....

Authors: L.M. Li, Guo Li Ji, Y.P. Yang, Zhao Xian Xiong

Abstract: Practical evolutions of pores in BaTiO3 ceramics during sintering are studied, including the preparation of practical BaTiO3 ceramics and...

Authors: Da Li, Shaou Chen, Wei Quan Shao, Xiao Hui Ge, Yong Cheng Zhang, Sha Sha Zhang

Abstract: Master sintering curve (MSC), in which the sintered density is a unique function of the integral of a temperature function over time, is...

Authors: J.G. Li, W.J. Yuan, Y. Zhou, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: In this work, Fe and Si powders were used to fabricate 6.5% Si silicon steel. The mixing powder was rolled into strip and then treated at...

Authors: Wei Jing, Jun Di Zhang, Jia Chen Liu, Wei Wang, Mi Ren

Abstract: The joining of sintered ZrO2 to Al2O3 ceramics was realized using Al2O3-ZrO2-SiC interlayer composites, which was designed according to the...

Authors: Peng Yu Zhang, Hai Yan Liu, Jia Chen Liu, Wei Fan, Chang Liu

Abstract: A simplified method, using microwave molding, to prepared zirconia porous ceramics was proposed, which was involved in the use of albumen...


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