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Edited by: Evangelos Hristoforou and D.S. Vlachos
Online since: March 2013
Description: The special collection of peer reviewed papers tends to gather the current know-how from research in the field of material science, especially those materials used for sensors, actuators, and all kind of devices used for transducing physical signals. The aim was to bring together scientists, engineers and product designers in order to fulfill the gap between research and development.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The topics include: New materials development, Fabrication technology, Sensing principles and mechanisms, Actuators, Optical devices, Electrochemical devices, Mass-sensitive devices, Gas sensors, Biosensors, Analytical microsystems, Environmental, Process control, Biomedical applications, Signal processing, Sensor and sensor-array chemometrics.


Edited by: A. Muc, M. Barski and P. Kędziora
Online since: February 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
This book is a collection of papers concerning the application of advanced materials in machine design. Depending on the scale at which they are analyzed and used, we can talk about composites, nano-composites, nano-materials and intelligent materials, e.g. such as piezoelectric materials, magneto-restrictive materials, functional (Shape Memory Alloys) materials. The efficient and effective use of materials in design applications is directly connected with the good knowledge of the static and fatigue strengths of the material. The detection and control of damages and the study of their effects on the mechanical behavior of materials (especially composite structures) become important practical issues. Materials with multifield coupling properties are an important aspect of modern science and technology with applications in many industrial fields. The book is intended for researchers, engineers, designers and students interested in advanced materials and their use in the machine design and mechanical engineering.


Edited by: Alessandra Bianco, Ilaria Cacciotti and Ilaria Cappelloni
Online since: February 2013
Description: This Special Topic Volume comprises selected peer-reviewed papers from the international scientific community on the topic of “Bone and biomaterials for bone tissue engineering”. The volume covers some relevant aspects spanning from bone tissue mechanics to scaffolding for bone tissue engineering in terms of microstructure, biological evaluation, fabrication technologies, surface modifications and coatings. The aim of this collection was to provide an interdisciplinary panorama on this emerging and promising biomedical field.


Edited by: Yang Liu
Online since: January 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
This special topic volume encompasses some aspects of bridge health monitoring, maintenance and safety. Specifically, it deals with: bridge health monitoring; bridge repair and rehabilitation issues; bridge related safety and other implications. The objective was to introduce recent research results in the fields of bridge health monitoring, bridge maintenance and safety from the mainland of China.


Edited by: Wu Yao
Online since: January 2013
Description: The main aim of this collection was to provide a platform for academics, industrialists and students from various regions of China to exchange ideas and the state-of-the-art development in the field of building materials and testing techniques.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Finally, 53 papers were accepted for publication. The contents of papers include the microscopic theoretical model of the building materials, the characterization of the compositions and structures, performance testing and evaluation. The papers largely reflect the latest advances in the testing and evaluation theory and technology of building materials in China.


Edited by: Yuan Ming Huang
Online since: January 2013
Description: The book contains a selection of peer-reviewed papers that have been presented at the 2nd International Conference on Optical, Electronic and Electrical Materials.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The topics of the 82 selected papers cover optical materials, electronic materials, electrical materials, magnetic materials, dielectric materials and optoelectronic devices. It provides a lot of useful information for ordinary readers as well as materials scientists and engineers who wish to understand the most recent development in the materials science field of semiconductors, dielectrics and optoelectronic devices.


Edited by: Cheng Zhang, Nanchun Chen and Jin Hu
Online since: January 2013
Description: The field of thin films and coatings has become an identifiable unified discipline of scientific endeavor. The Proceedings includes 67 papers presented at the 2012 Workshop on Inorganic Thin Films and Coatings, which was held from July 16 to 18, 2012, at Guilin, China. The goal of this workshop wa- to provide a forum for researchers, engineers and students to disseminate their latest research results and exchange experimental views concerning the latest developments in the field of inorganic thin films and coatings.


Edited by: Guoxing Lu and Qingming Zhang
Online since: January 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
This special issue of the Key Engineering Materials contains the papers presented in the 11th Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications (AEPA2012), held in Singapore, 5-7 December 2012. This conference continues the primary objective of bringing together an international group of scientists, researchers and engineers from academic to industrial institutions, to exchange original ideas, discuss new developments and disseminate the latest research findings in the field of engineering plasticity. Previous symposia have been successfully held in Hong Kong (1992), Beijing (1994), Hiroshima (1996), Seoul (1998), Hong Kong (2000), Sydney (2002), Shanghai (2004), Nagoya (2006), Daejeon (2008) and Wuhan (2010).


Edited by: Sumio Hosaka
Online since: January 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The aim of this volume is to accelerate the exchange of information on the best practices for CAD, CAM, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, etc. Engineers and scientists in academia, industry and government here address the most innovative research and development work, including technical challenges and social and economic issues, and discuss their ideas, results, work-in-progress and experience concerning all aspects of Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation.


Edited by: Nahed El Mahallawy and Mingxing Zhang
Online since: December 2012
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
This work summarizes the valuable investigations of the authors in the fields of geological and geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, reliability, durability and rehabilitation of structures, monitoring and control of structures, tunnel, subway and underground facilities, road and railway engineering, bridge engineering, seismic engineering, hydraulic engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning works, natural and technogenic disaster prevention and mitigation, survey engineering, cartography and geographic information systems, multi-field coupling theory and its applications, applied and computational mechanics, noise and vibration control, computer applications in industry and civil engineering, and engineering management.


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