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Authors: M. Arul Kumar, Sivasambu Mahesh, P. Venkitanarayanan
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:The 'stack' model of a rate-independent rigid-plastic polycrystalline material is developed. In the 'stack' model, stacks of N neighboring...
Authors: Alankar Alankar, David P. Field
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:In this work microstructure evolution in a columnar polycrystal of pure aluminum is studied using a microstructure sensitive crystal...
Authors: M. Arul Kumar
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:A rigid-plastic rate-independent crystal plasticity based `stack of domains' model of a single crystal is developed to capture local...
Authors: Young Ung Jeong, Frédéric Barlat, Myoung Gyu Lee
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:The flow stress behavior of a bake-hardenable steel during a few simple shear cycles is investigated using a crystal plasticity model. The...
Authors: Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Marcin Wroński, Andrzej Baczmanski, Brigitte Bacroix, Paul Lipiński, Alain Lodini
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:The classical definition of lattice rotation leads in some cases to different textures than the definition based on the preservation of...
Authors: Torben Leffers
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:This paper summarizes a recent review about the brass-type texture and its deviation from the copper-type texture by the present author and...
Authors: Young Ung Jeong, Frédéric Barlat, Myoung Gyu Lee
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:The microstructural and crystallographic aspects, reflected at the macroscopic scale on yield surface and its subsequent evolution, are...
Authors: Christophe Schuman, L. Bao, J.S. Lecomte, M.J. Philippe, Y. Zhang, X. Zhao, Liang Zuo, J.M. Raulot, C. Esling
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:A new selection criterion to explain the activation of the twinning variant is proposed. This criterion is based on the calculation of the...
Authors: Philip Eyckens, Qing Ge Xie, Jurij J. Sidor, Laurent Delannay, Albert van Bael, Leo Kestens, Jaap Moerman, Henk Vegter, Paul van Houtte
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:Several multilevel plasticity models that make use of the crystallographic texture have been developed in the past for the prediction of...
Authors: Frederik Coghe, Wim Tirry, Luc Rabet, Paul van Houtte
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:The twinning behavior of a commercial Ti-6Al-4V alloy is studied using a combined experimental and numerical approach. An extensive...
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