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Authors: Bevis Hutchinson
Chapter 1: Keynotes
Abstract:The cube texture in rolled and annealed fcc metals and alloys has long fascinated metallurgists because of its high symmetry and extreme...
Authors: Brent L. Adams, David T. Fullwood, J.A. Basinger, T. Hardin
Chapter 1: Keynotes
Abstract:Significant advances are reported in the application of HR-EBSD to the imaging of the dislocation structure of polycrystalline materials. The...
Authors: Jürgen Hirsch
Chapter 1: Keynotes
Abstract:Textures and related anisotropy effects which occur in certain industrial processes are presented for as-cast, deformed and annealed...
Authors: Paul van Houtte, Jerzy Gawad, Philip Eyckens, Albert van Bael, Giovanni Samaey, Dirk Roose
Chapter 1: Keynotes
Abstract:Cup drawing of sheet material (carbon steel DC06 and aluminium alloy AA3103-O) is simulated using a Finite Element (FE) method configured as...
Authors: Ranjit Kumar Ray, P. Ghosh
Chapter 1: Keynotes
Abstract:Interstitial free high strength steels (IFHS) are widely used in the automobile sector due to their high strength and excellent formability....
Authors: Hiroyuki Kokawa, Yutaka S. Sato, Sergey Mironov
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:The principal features of material flow during friction stir welding (FSW) were illustrated via textural measurements in magnesium alloys....
Authors: Jae Hyung Cho, Sang Su Jeong, Suk Bong Kang
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:Evolution of texture and microstructure during deep drawing of ZK60 wrought magnesium alloys were investigated using EBSD (electron...
Authors: Dinakar Sagapuram, Mert Efe, Wilfredo Moscoso, Srinivasan Chandrasekar, Kevin P. Trumble
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:Deformation microstructure and texture in Mg-AZ31B bulk strips processed through extrusion-machining were studied as a function of...
Authors: Chang Shu He, Dong Wang, Wei Ping Tong, Gang Zhao, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:4-mm thick Al-12.7Si-0.7Mg alloy plates were cut from the hot extrusion profiles. A butt-welding joint was made by friction stir welding...
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