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Authors: Vivek Pancholi, B.P. Kashyap
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:Commercial grade AA8090 Al–Li alloy sheet contained three layers of distinct microstructural features along thickness direction. The surface...
Authors: M.J.N.V. Prasad
Chapter 2: Deformation
Abstract:Nanocrystalline Ni and Ni-P alloy with grain size down to 6 nm were processed by pulsed electrodeposition. The as-deposited materials,...
Authors: A. Albou, R. Quey, Claire Maurice, S. Raveendra, Indradev Samajdar, Paul R. Dawson, Julian H. Driver
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:The formation of Cube oriented elements in plane strain compressed aluminium has been studied by EBSD for both hot and cold deformations. By...
Authors: Anne Laure Helbert, Wei Wang, Thierry Baudin, François Brisset, Brisset Penelle
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:The goal of the present study inspired by previous works on high purity aluminiun was to manufacture aluminium sheets of commercial purity,...
Authors: Feng Xiang Lin, W. Pantleon, T. Leffers, Dorte Juul Jensen
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:A series of oxygen free high conductivity copper samples with different initial grain sizes, cold rolling conditions and storage times as...
Authors: Nobuhiro Tsuji, Yoshihiro Takatsuji, Yoji Miyajima, Pinaki Prasad Bhattacharjee, Daisuke Terada
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:A pure Ni sheet was heavily deformed up to an equivalent strain of 6.4 at room temperature and then annealed to obtain highly Cube textured...
Authors: Pinaki Prasad Bhattacharjee, Nobuhiro Tsuji
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:The effect of ultrahigh straining on the evolution of cube texture in high purity nickel (99.97%) processed by Accumulative Roll Bonding...
Authors: He Tong, Tian You Kang, Zhi Jia Wang, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:The cold-rolled pure copper sheets were annealed without and with a high magnetic field of 12T. The results showed that the application of...
Authors: Hasso Weiland
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:Crystallographic texture analysis is a microstructure characterization technique essential for relating microstructure attributes to the...
Authors: Leo Kestens, Nuria Sanchez, Koenraad Decroos, Roumen H. Petrov
Chapter 3: Deformation and Annealing
Abstract:In crystal plasticity models the crystal anisotropy of the yield strength is accounted for by the yield locus. In the present paper the full...
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