Textures of Materials - ICOTOM 16

Volumes 702-703

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.702-703

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Authors: Tamás Ungár

Abstract: X-ray diffraction line profile analysis can be carried out on the hkl planes corresponding to the same texture component or the same...

Authors: Jaap Moerman, Patricia Romano Triguero, Cem Tasan, Peter van Liempt

Abstract: The accumulation of dislocations around hard particles such as martensite in Dual Phase steel has a prominent influence on the mechanical...

Authors: Thomas Hardin, Brent L. Adams, David T. Fullwood, Robert H. Wagoner

Abstract: An extension to a previously published, novel stereological method is reported which infers experimentally inaccessible components of the...

Authors: C.C. Merriman, David P. Field

Abstract: During and after plastic deformation of metals, dislocations tend to evolve into generally well-defined structures that may include tangles,...

Authors: Heinz Guenter Brokmeier, Christian Randau, Wei Min Gan, Michael Hofmann, Thomas Lippmann, Norbert Schell

Abstract: Texture gradients are present in most samples, which are due to materials processing. Standard methods to evaluate texture gradients are...

Authors: Bob B. He

Abstract: The two most important advances in two-dimensional x-ray diffraction (XRD2) are area detectors for collecting 2D diffraction...

Authors: Roumen H. Petrov, Orlando León-García, Hemant Sharma, Kyoo Young Lee, S. Eric Offerman, Leo Kestens

Abstract: Texture formation during an austempering treatment of a TRIP-assisted steel was studied by in-situ texture measurements with a high energy...

Authors: Reeju Pokharel, S. F. Li, J. Lind, C. M. Hefferan, U. Lienert, R. A. Lebensohn, R.M. Suter, A.D. Rollett

Abstract: A 3D microstructure, measured by high-energy x-ray diffraction microscopy, is used as an input to a parallelized viscoplastic Fast Fourier...

Authors: Francisco Cruz-Gandarilla, A.M. Salcedo-Garrido, Thierry Baudin, H. Mendoza-León, Richard Penelle

Abstract: Abstract. Anisotropy of physical and mechanical properties of textured polycrystalline materials strongly depends on microstructural...

Authors: Ivan Gutierrez-Urrutia, Dierk Raabe

Abstract: We study the dislocation and twin substructures in a high manganese twinning-induced-plasticity steel (TWIP) by means of electron channeling...


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