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Authors: Yi Qiao Yang, Yan Dong Liu
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:An experimental study of the microstructural and texture evolution attending recrystallization of Nb-Ti stabilized ferritic stainless steel...
Authors: Kaneharu Okuda, Kazuhiro Seto
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:One-pass hot rolling in the ferrite region was conducted at higher temperatures, using various rolling temperatures and rolling reductions,...
Authors: B. Ravi Kumar
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The present study aims to understand the evolution of microstructure leading to nano/ultrafine grain formation during cyclic thermal process....
Authors: B. Vishwanadh, K.V. Mirji, K. Vaibha, S.K. Jha, R. Ajay Kumar, Indradev Samajdar, Dinesh Srivastava, Gautam Kumar Dey, Raghvendra Tewari
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The Nb-1%Zr-0.1%C (wt%) alloy is one of the most promising refractory metal alloys having an excellent combination of high temperature...
Authors: Christoph Günster, Dmitri A. Molodov, Günter Gottstein
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The magnetically driven motion of planar symmetrical and asymmetrical <> tilt grain boundaries in high purity (99,995%) zinc bicrystals...
Authors: Adhish Majumdar, Claire Maurice, Julian H. Driver
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:A 2-dimensional vertex dynamics simulation is applied to the annealing behaviour of deformed Aluminium single crystals having different...
Authors: Harvinder Singh Ubhi, Andrew Houghton, Janardhan Saithala
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:This study investigates the changes in radial micro-texture via Kearn’s f-factors during single cold pilger reduction of a titanium Ti-3-2.5...
Authors: Ahmed A. Saleh, Elena V. Pereloma, Azdiar A. Gazder
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:A TWinning Induced Plasticity (TWIP) steel was cold rolled to 42% thickness reduction followed by isochronal annealing for 300 s between...
Authors: Sang Bong Yi, Lilian Rayas, Stefanie Sandlöbes, Stefan Zaefferer, Dietmar Letzig, Karl Ulrich Kainer
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The role of rare earth addition on the microstructure and texture during recrystallization of cold rolled sheets is investigated by a...
Authors: Kunio Ito
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The migration rates of C->Si, Si->C, and Si->Sj were assumed to be high and those of Si->Si and all other rates to be low. Here...
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