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Authors: Tadao Watanabe, Shigeaki Kobayashi, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Bulk properties of polycrystalline structural and functional materials are controlled by the grain boundary microstructure defined by the...
Authors: Karri V. Mani Krishna, Sudipto Mandal, Ankur Agrawal, Vijay Hiwarkar, Dinesh Srivastava, Indradev Samajdar, Gautam Kumar Dey
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Grain boundary texture evolution in case of two of the Zr based alloys (Zircaloy-4 and Zr-2.5\%Nb) was studied. In case of Zircaloy-4, grain...
Authors: Sumantra Mandal, A.K. Bhaduri, V. Subramanya Sarma
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The origin and role of S3 boundaries during dynamic recrystallization (DRX) and grain boundary engineering (GBE) of a Ti-modified austenitic...
Authors: P. Sivagnanapalani, Gouthama, M. Sujata
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:In the present study diffusion bonding of γ-TiAl intermetallic with Ti-6Al-4V alloy was carried out in high vacuum. The diffusion bonding was...
Authors: Dong Nyung Lee, Heung Nam Han, Hyun Sik Choi
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The recrystallization (Rex) texture of cross-rolled 3.3% Si steel was similar to the deformation texture approximated by {100}. The...
Authors: Jong Tae Park, Hyung Don Joo, Dae Hyun Song, Kyung Jun Ko, No Jin Park
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Desirable magnetic properties for grain oriented electrical steels are low core loss and high magnetic flux density. These properties are...
Authors: Jin Kyung Sung, Se Min Park, Byoung Yul Shim, Yang Mo Koo
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The texture can be evolved through the γ to α transformation by cooling in Fe-Si alloy systems. Oxygen in the annealing atmosphere hampers...
Authors: Hadi Pirgazi, Roumen H. Petrov, Leo Kestens
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Magnetic properties of electrical steels such as magnetization behavior and electrical losses are mainly related to chemical composition,...
Authors: H. Qian, Ping Yang, G.H. Zheng, Wei Min Mao
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:To identify the relationship between grain orientation and precipitation of MnS/AlN particles during hot deformation, cylinder samples...
Authors: Zheng Hua He, Yu Hui Sha, Fang Zhang, Liang Zuo
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Fe81Ga19 sheets were produced by conventional rolling procedure. Recrystallization texture dominated with strong Goss...
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