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Authors: Basudev Bhattacharya
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Effects of steel composition and coiling temperature on textures of a series of high strength IF steels were studied. An intermediate coiling...
Authors: Patricia Gobernado, Roumen H. Petrov, Jaap Moerman, Carla Barbatti, Leo Kestens
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The recrystallization texture of highly cold deformed IF steels is addressed. The latter is characterized by the //ND fibre and a certain...
Authors: Santosh Kumar Sahoo, V.N. Gaffney, A. Chatterjee, Korukonda L. Murty
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Annealing behaviour of ferritic HT-9 stainless steel plates was investigated through evolution of microstructural, textural and mechanical...
Authors: Roumen H. Petrov, Jurij J. Sidor, Leo Kestens
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Texture formation during annealing of a 95% cold rolled HSLA steel with 10°C/s and ~3000°C/s was studied with the purpose to investigate the...
Authors: Vinod Kumar, R. Balasubramaniam, P. Kumar
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The evolution of microstructure with degree of deformation in a deformed wedge shaped hypereutectoid steel implement, containing 1.84 C, 0.06...
Authors: Papa Rao Mondi, R. Madhavan, V. Subramanya Sarma, S. Sankaran
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Severe cold rolling and short intercritcal annealing is often used to produce ultra-fine grained ferrite and martensite dual phase steels. In...
Authors: Yusuke Onuki, Kazuto Okayasu, Hiroshi Fukutomi
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Texture formation during uniaxial compression at elevated temperatures in Fe-3mass%Si and 430 stainless steel is studied. The behavior is...
Authors: Patricia Romano Triguero, Enno Zinngrebe, Stefan Melzer
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:It is well known that clogging constitutes one of the main issues encountered during casting in the steel industry. To clarify how clogging...
Authors: Carla Barbatti, Patricia Romano Triguero, Stefan Van Bohemen, Steven Celotto, Dave N. Hanlon
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The effect of heating path and heating rate on the microstructure and texture development in cold-rolled continuously annealed DP steel was...
Authors: Majid Hoseini, Philippe Bocher, Fereshteh Azari, Hojatollah Vali, Jerzy A. Szpunar
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Ultra fine grained (UFG) pure titanium fabricated by severe plastic deformation techniques has been recently considered for biomedical...
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