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Authors: Yu Dong Zhang, Shi Ying Wang, Claude Esling, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Abstract In the present work, we summarized two calculation methods to determine some specific crystallographic elements based on electron...
Authors: S. Banumathy, Rajiv Kumar Mandal, A.K. Singh
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:This work describes the development of texture during hot rolling of two alloys namely, Ti-12Nb and Ti-16Nb. The alloys have been...
Authors: Mithun Palit, J. Arout Chelvane, Himalay Basumatary, S. Banumathy, A.K. Singh, S. Pandian, K. Chattopadhyay
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The development of preferred grain orientation has been investigated in the directionally solidified samples of...
Authors: Manmath Kumar Dash, T. Karthikeyan, S. Saroja, M. Vijayalakshmi
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The 9Cr-1Mo-0.1C steel was solutionzed (1323 K for 1hr) and step cooled (at 40 K/hr between Ms and Mf) to effect martensitic transformation...
Authors: S.B. Ribeiro, T.G. Andrade, A.D.S. Paula, Jefferson Fabricio Cardoso Lins, K.K. Mahesh, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The Nickel-Titanium (Ni-Ti) alloys are the most attractive amongst shape memory alloys (SMA) due to their good functional properties coupled...
Authors: Ritwik Basu, Lokendra Jain, Bikas Maji, Madangopal Krishnan, Karri V. Mani Krishna, Indradev Samajdar, Prita Pant
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The thermal cycling (quenching in liquid nitrogen and reverting back to room temperature: austenite martensite reversible transformation)...
Authors: Bikas C. Maji, Madangopal Krishnan, Vijay Hiwarkar, Indradev Samajdar, Ranjit Kumar Ray
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Evolution Texture and microstructure has been investigated in a Fe-14Mn-6Si-9Cr-5Ni shape memory alloy during cold rolling and annealing. The...
Authors: Gang Wang, Chun Yan Wang, Zhe Chen, Wen Ru Zhao, Yan Dong Liu, Yan Dong Wang, Liang Zuo
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:NiMnCoIn alloys are new-type magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMAs) in which a reversible magnetic-field-induced phase transformation was...
Authors: Margarita Isaenkova, Yuriy Perlovich, Vladimir Fesenko, Tatyana Dementyeva, Vladimir Goltcev
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Single crystals of the alloy Ti-48%Ni-2%Fe, consisting of the phase B2, were rolled at 350°C with deformation degrees up to ~80% in 11...
Authors: J. Bhagyaraj, Gouthama, K. Venkata Ramaiah, C.N. Saikrishna, S.K. Bhaumik
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:NiTi based shape memory alloys (SMAs) have been identified as potential candidates for sensors and actuators in various industrial...
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