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Authors: J. Arout Chelvane, M. Palit, H. Basumatary, S. Banumathy, A.K. Singh, S. Pandian
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:This paper reports the effect of Ho on the microstructure, texture and magnetostrictive properties of...
Authors: Ling Qin, Marc Seefeldt, Tricia A. Bennett, Roumen H. Petrov, Paul van Houtte
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Aluminium alloys for car body manufacturing often show a specific type of band-shaped surface roughening upon stretching, called “ridging” or...
Authors: Shintaro Ohtani, Satoshi Morooka, Osamu Umezawa
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:In order to form thin metal sleeve with the thickness of 0.03 mm, type 304 austenitic steel sheet was deeply drawn to a cup and spinning...
Authors: L. Venkatesh, Indradev Samajdar, Manish Tak, Ravi C. Gundakaram, S.V. Joshi
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Chromium carbide based metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings are ideally suited for high temperature erosive-corrosive applications. Laser...
Authors: Sai Pramod Pemmasani, Krishna Valleti, M. Ramakrishna, K.V. Rajulapati, Ravi C. Gundakaram, S.V. Joshi
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:PVD hard coatings, notably transition metal nitrides and carbides, are being increasingly used by industry for improving the life and...
Authors: Wan Qiang Xu, Lalu Robin, Kevin J. Laws, Rong Kun Zheng, Michael Ferry
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:An In-situ Mg-based bulk metallic glass (BMG) composite containing 40% volume fraction of Mg-rich crystalline flakes was produced by die...
Authors: Pramod P. Bhingole, Bantibhai Patel, G.P. Chaudhari
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:In the present study ultrasonic vibrations are used for the grain refinement of AZ91 alloy during its solidification. The microstructures and...
Authors: Pradipta Kumar Jena, Chandan Mondal, K. Siva Kumar, A.K. Singh
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:This study describes the influence of texture and associated mechanical properties on ballistic performance of Aluminium-7017 alloy in two...
Authors: M. Premkumar, V.S. Himabindu, S. Banumathy, A.K. Bhattacharjee, A.K. Singh
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Present work describes the evolution of texture during different modes of deformation by cold rolling of a Gum metal or multifunctional β...
Authors: Chandan Mondal, A.C. Umamaheshwer Rao, G.R.N. Tagore, Ashok Kumar Singh
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Present work describes the development of texture in high purity aluminum under different modes of deformation by rolling using two different...
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