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Authors: I.V. Gervasyeva, Dmitrii Rodionov, Yulia Khlebnikova
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Texture, structure, and magnetic and mechanical properties of thin tape substrates fabricated of ternary nickel alloys with chromium,...
Authors: Uta Klement, Mehrdad Shahabi-Navid, Glenn D. Hibbard
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Optical microscopy on the etched cross-section of a nanocrystalline Ni-18 wt.% Fe electrodeposit revealed the existence of a banded structure...
Authors: Patrick P. Camus, Joshua Shapiro, Sergey V. Prikhodko
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:GaAs nanopillars show promise for energy applications. Understanding, characterizing and modifying the structure of the pillars will be very...
Authors: Wei Ye Chen, Wei Ping Tong, Chang Shu He, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:The texture evolution in the plastic deformation layer of the pure iron sample after the surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) was...
Authors: Erika Griesshaber, Harvinder Singh Ubhi, Wolfgang W. Schmahl
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:High resolution EBSD analysis was carried out under specific experimental conditions (15 to 5 kV) on the skeleton of the modern carbonate...
Authors: Uta Klement, C. Oikonomou, Robert Chulist, Benoit Beausir, L. Hollang, Werner Skrotzki
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Organic additives such as saccharin have been frequently used in electroplating operations to moderate deposit growth rates and to control...
Authors: Muhammad A. Arafin, Jian Lu, Jerzy Szpunar
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:In this paper, a multiscale modeling approach has been developed to simulate the intergranular crack propagation in textured polycrystalline...
Authors: Sourav Das, Saurabh Kundu, Arunansu Haldar
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Bainitic steels, which are transformed at very low temperatures, offer an excellent combination of strength and ductility where the strength...
Authors: Xin Li Wang, Hong Ming Zhao, Wen Bin Dai, Xiang Zhao
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:Effects of electric current densities on recrystallization texture evolution in cold-rolled Fe-3%Si steel were investigated by using a high...
Authors: Soumitro Mahanty, Gouthama, Tapendu Mandal
Chapter 6: Materials
Abstract:MMCs (Metal Matrix Composite) are very useful in the different branch of application like aerospace, automobile engineering and defense...
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