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Authors: Daniel Goran, G. Ji, M. N. Avettand-Fènoël, R. Taillard
Chapter 4: Technique
Abstract:Texture and microstructure of FSW joined Al and Cu sheets were investigated by means of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) technique....
Authors: Patrick Voos
Chapter 4: Technique
Abstract:Electron Backscatter Diffraction measurement can provide much analytical information, such as the phase orientation or material...
Authors: Wei Min Mao, Y. Li, Ping Yang, W. Guo
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The possible mechanisms concerning abnormal growth of Goss grains in grain oriented electrical steels were investigated. The density of...
Authors: Kyung Jun Ko, Hyung Ki Park, Chan Hee Han
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:In order to verify the origin of Goss nuclei for secondary recrystallization in Fe-3%Si steel, the effect of cold-rolling direction on the...
Authors: Francisco N.C. Freitas, Manoel Ribeiro da Silva, Sergio S.M. Tavares, Hamilton F.G. Abreu
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:Non-oriented grain type electrical steels are used mainly in electrical rotating machines such as motors and compressors, in which the...
Authors: N. Maazi, R. Penelle
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:In silicon steels, interaction of grain boundaries with particles occurs in a selective way. Currently, it is very difficult to include this...
Authors: Henryk Paul, M. Miszczyk, M. Prażmowski
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:In this study, the commercial purity Al/Cu plates were bonded through the explosive welding process. The SEM/EBSD local orientation...
Authors: Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Tong Xiao, Toshiyuki Uenoya
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The extended band structures of cold-rolled high Cr steel sheets are recrystallization resistant, and tend to become the so-called grain...
Authors: Jurij J. Sidor, Roumen H. Petrov, Leo Kestens
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:The changes in crystallographic texture are investigated during recrystallization in 5182 and 6016 aluminum alloys, which were subjected to...
Authors: Dong Kyu Kim, K.H. Jung, H.W. Lee, Yong Taek Im
Chapter 5: Annealing
Abstract:A two dimensional probabilistic cellular automata model is used to simulate primary static recrystallization of interstitial free (IF) steel....
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