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Edited by: Dr. Inamuddin and Dr. Amir Al-Ahmed
Online since: October 2016
Description: Contributors of this collection have extensive experience at various field of development the materials and technology for advanced applications. This book is a result of collaboration between all contributing authors who agreed to share their research expertise as well as visions for the future materials development.


Edited by: Prof. Alexander M. Korsunsky, Chobin Makabe and Emma Wang
Online since: August 2018
Description: We are very pleased to introduce the results of the 8th International Conference on Key Engineering Materials (8th ICKEM 2018). The conference was held in Osaka, Japan during March 16-18, 2018 and focused on research in the area of polymers and composites, nanomaterials and biomaterials, functional materials, materials in electronic engineering, surface engineering and coatings, electrochemistry; environmental and chemical engineering, alloys, steel, technologies of machining and metal recovery, materials mechanics and structural mechanics, building materials.


Edited by: H. Azhan, K. Azman, O.H. Hassan, N. Osman, R. Abd-Shukor, M. Deraman, W. Kong, M.K. Halimah, R.S. Azis, M.R. Sahar, Z. Aspanut, S.A. Halim
Online since: March 2016
Description: Methods of synthesis, processing and analysis of different materials, advanced approaches in modern Materials Science and industrial technology.
Methods of Solid-state science for application in different areas of materials research.


Edited by: Ruijia Shi, Jean-Jacques Delaunay and Salma Barboura
Online since: March 2017
Description: Papers were collected by results of 2016 International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Energy (ICNNE 2016, Paris, France, June 2-4, 2016). Studies presented in this volume cover the wide range of topics related with modern technologies and materials for industrial production. We hope the presented papers will be interesting for readers and a good base for inspiration for future developments.


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