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Edited by: Qingsong Mei
Online since: January 2017
Description: This book collected from papers which were presented on International Conference on Advanced Material Research and Application (AMRA2016, 13-14 August, Guilin, China). The goal of this conference was the presentation of last researches and solutions in the field of materials science including, alloy materials, polymers, composite materials, nanomaterials, structural materials, synthesis and processing technologies.


Edited by: Zhihua Guo, C. W. Lim, Kyoung Sun Moon, George C. Manos
Online since: August 2016
Description: This collection is published by results of the First International Conference on Civil Engineering and Materials Science (ICCEMS 2016) which was held during May 1-3, 2016. The presented results of the scientific and engineering research are from civil engineering and materials science will be useful for wide range of engineers, scientists and students.


Edited by: Carlos Roberto Grandini
Online since: August 2016
Description: Collected papers presented at the 21st Brazilian Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (CBECIMAT 2014) covers the wide spectrum of topics of materials science and materials processing technologies: from biomaterials, ceramics and semiconductors, to materials in construction and environmental engineering.
Presented results of scientific and engineering research could be useful for engineers, students and academics from various fields of applied materials science.


Edited by: K. Noorsal
Online since: January 2016
Description: Advanced materials and novel technologies for application in different areas of industry, biomedicine, environmental engineering and energy production. Methods for the synthesis, analysis, research and processing of materials, current approaches in the chemical and metallurgical manufacturing.


Edited by: Tjokorda Gde Tirta Nindhia, Hendra Suherman, Brian Yuliarto
Online since: August 2016
Description: The 4th International Conference on Nano and Materials Engineering (ICNME 2016) took place in Bali, Indonesia, April 7-8, 2016.
The topics of published results of ICNME 2016 includes: nanomaterials and nanotechnology, biomaterials and biomedical engineering, ceramic and glass materials, computational material science, crystal defect engineering, experimental characterizations, fundamentals and characterization, magnetic materials etc.


Edited by: Pietro Vincenzini
Online since: October 2016
Description: The Part C of publications by results of 7th Forum on New Materials (CIMTEC 2016, Perugia, Italy, June 5-9, 2016) consists from articles are devoted to researching of properties, methods of synthesis and the possible use of the photocatalytic materials, functional nanomaterials for new generation of solid state gas sensors, materials and new concepts for creating of non-volatile memory devices.


Edited by: Keishi Matsuda, P.S. Pa and Wiseroad Yun
Online since: July 2014
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 the 3rd International Conference on Advanced Materials Design and Mechanics (ICAMDM2014), May 23-24, 2014, Singapore.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The 114 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Nanomaterials and Technologies,
Chapter 2: Advanced Material, Composite Materials and It's Applications and Technologies,
Chapter 3: Films, Coating and Surface Engineering,
Chapter 4: Machinning and Forming Materials Technologies, Other Manufacturing Technologies,
Chapter 5: Applied Mechanics and Construction Engineering,
Chapter 6: Robotics, Control System and Measurement Technologies,
Chapter 7: Electrical Devices and Embedded Systems, Machine Elements, Systems and Mechnisms,
Chapter 8: Vehicles, Transport and Navigation Development


Edited by: Taufiq Yap Yun Hin
Online since: June 2014
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the Annual International Conference on Intelligent Materials and Nanomaterials (AIMN 14), April 18-19, 2014, Seoul, South Korea.
The 90 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Advanced Materials, Technologies and Applications,
Chapter 2: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies,
Chapter 3: Composites and Alloys,
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Processes, Materials Forming and Machining,
Chapter 5: Power systems, Energy and Environmental Engineering,
Chapter 6: Applied Mechanics and Engineering


Edited by: Katsuyuki Kida
Online since: February 2014
Description: Collection of Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 2013 3rd International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials 2013 (3rd ICAMEM 2013), December 14-15, 2013, Singapore.
The 173 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Materials Science,
Chapter 2: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies,
Chapter 3: Polymers and Composites,
Chapter 4: Metals and Alloys,
Chapter 5: Biomaterials,
Chapter 6: Thin Film and DLC Coating,
Chapter 7: Building and Road Materials,
Chapter 8: Manufacturing Technology and Processing,
Chapter 9: Structural Materials and Systems,
Chapter 10: Materials Application.


Edited by: Katsuyuki Kida
Online since: August 2016
Description: The main objective of 5th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials (ICAMEM 2016, April 15-16th, 2016, Hong Kong, China) is to provide a platform for academics, researchers, engineers, consultants and companies from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in the fields of the Advanced Materials Science, Engineering Materials Research, Materials Processing.


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