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Edited by: Seung-Bok Choi and Yun-Hae Kim
Online since: January 2015
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 3rd International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Materials (ICAMM 2014), November 15-16, 2014, Shenzhen, China.
The 191 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Solid Mechanics and its Applications;
Chapter 2: Fluid Mechanics and its Applications;
Chapter 3: Computational Mechanics and its Applications;
Chapter 4: Mechanics of Explosion and Technologies of Blasting;
Chapter 5: Structural Mechanics, Geotechnical Mechanics and Infrastructure Construction; Chapter 6: Building Materials;
Chapter 7: Composites;
Chapter 8: Micro/Nano Materials;
Chapter 9: Metals and Alloys;
Chapter 10: Chemical Materials and Processing Technology;
Chapter 11: Biological and Environment-Friendly Materials;
Chapter 12: Physics of Materials, Properties and Methods of Research;
Chapter 13: Materials Processing Technology;
Chapter 14: Surface Engineering, Materials and Technologies;
Chapter 15: Thermal Analysis and Monitoring of Machines and Equipments


Edited by: Matteo Colombo, Marco di Prisco
Online since: September 2016
Description: This edition by results of the conference CONSEC16 contain high quality peer-reviewed scientific papers related to the main topics as: hydration and early age concrete properties, new design concepts and methods for long-term performance, performance of concrete under severe environment and loads, robustness with respect to loading hazards and sustainability of concrete structures, new and special concrete for (ultra-) severe conditions, repair and strengthening of under-performing structures and newly developed techniques for research and analyze. This edition will be useful for scientists and engineers from area materials and structures for construction.


Edited by: Cheng Zhang and Jin Hu
Online since: November 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 Dianchi Advanced Materials Forum, July 23-25, 2013, Kunming, China.
The 81 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Ceramics and Ceramics-Matrix Composites;
Chapter 2: Metals and Metal-Matrix Composites;
Chapter 3: Polymers and Polymer-Matrix Composites


Edited by: Dr. Stanislav Kolisnychenko
Online since: July 2015
Description: As a direct development of nanotechnologies, graphene is the first known crystal that has genuine two-dimensional structure (2D). The diversity of properties of graphene has predetermined a wide range of applications of its use in many areas of scientific and practical activities.

The collection “Graphene” consists of papers published by Trans Tech Publications Inc. from 2010 up to 2015 and covers the technology of graphene formation, as well as the application of this unique material to a wide range of technological developments.

The papers are presented in nine chapters:
Chapter 1: Technologies of Graphene Formation;
Chapter 2: Research and Analysis Properties and Quality of Graphene;
Chapter 3: Composites and Polymers Based on Graphene;
Chapter 4: Research and Development of Films, Fibers, Surface and Coating with Use of Graphene;
Chapter 5: Application of Graphene in Photocatalytic Processes and Environmental Engineering;
Chapter 6: Graphene in Biomedical Engineering;
Chapter 7: Using Graphene in Electronics and Photovoltaics;
Chapter 8: Application of Graphene for Sensors and NEMS;
Chapter 9: Using of Graphene in Energy Storage, Fuel Cells and Supercapacitors.


Edited by: Wei Pan, Jianghong Gong
Online since: July 2016
Description: This book comprises 178 papers presented in the Ninth International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-9), which was held from November 4 to 7, 2013, in Guilin, China. It covered most aspects of field of high-performance ceramics (advanced ceramics), including processing, microstructures and properties of structural and functional ceramics. Some papers concerning the ceramics for next generation nuclear energy were included. Especially, in the papers given an overview of the most recent development in high-performance ceramics in China.


Edited by: Algirdas V. Valiulis, Olegas Černašėjus and Vadim Mokšin
Online since: January 2015
Description: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 9th International Conference on Mechatronic Systems and Materials (MSM 2013), July 1–3, 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania.
The 170 papers are grouped as follows:

Chapter 1: Mechatronic Systems I: (Industrial Robotics; Microrobotics; Mobile Robots; Analysis of Vibration),

Chapter 2: Mechatronic Systems II: (Optimization; Optimal Design; Integrated Diagnostics; Failure Analysis; Tribology in Mechatronics Systems; Analysis of Signals),

Chapter 3: Mechatronic Systems III: (Applications of Artificial Intelligence; Sensors and Actuators in Mechatronics; Control of Mechatronics Systems),

Chapter 4: Materials: (Multifunctional and Smart Materials; Metallic Alloys; Piezoelectric Materials; Nanomaterials; Ceramics and Glasses; Biomaterials and Technology; Coatings and Properties),

Chapter 5: Engineering Technologies: (Advanced and Digital Manufacturing; Systems Engineering; Micro and Nano Technologies; Materials Joining Technologies; Modeling and Optimization of Processes),

Chapter 6: Education: (New Trends and Curricula for BSC and MSC in Two Tier Higher Education in the Fields of Mechatronic Systems and Materials Science)


Edited by: Hong Lin and Jianghong Gong
Online since: July 2015
Description: These are the proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC5) which was held from Aug. 17th-21st, 2014 in Beijing, China. The congress was organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society on behalf of the International Ceramic Federation (ICF).During the congress, global business and technology leaders, scientists and researchers gather to share ideas and visions of the future for ceramics and inorganic materials, and to engage the worldwide ceramics community in a collective effort to expand the use of these materials in both conventional as well as new and exciting applications. The 56 peer reviewed papers cover some of the most reason finding in these fields of research.


Edited by: Attila Diószegi, Vasile Lucian Diaconu and Anders E W Jarfors
Online since: June 2018
Description: The goal of this book is to present for readers the articles from the 11th International Symposium on the Science and Processing of Cast Iron that was held in September 2017 in Jönköping, Sweden. The content of the book reflects the state of the art, research and development tendencies of cast iron as the main engineering cast material also in the 21st century.


Edited by: Ahmed Rassili
Online since: September 2016
Description: The 14th S2P International Conference (October 23 – 27, 2016, Salt Lake City, USA) was dedicated to the science and processing technologies of the semi-solid metal alloys and composites. Since the discovery of the specific flow behavior of metals in semi-solid state during the early seventies, this fascinating technology has experienced a dynamic and turbulent development history which has led to a whole family of new production processes, new equipments and industrial applications for goals of full use of the technical and economic potential of the flow behaviour, improved materials and process modelling as well as control of processes. All S2P International Conferences have contributed to achieve this goal by providing a forum for scientists to share the common knowledge and to develop a common sense on fundamental topics and industrial requirements.


Edited by: Konstantinos Zekentes, Konstantin V. Vasilevskiy and Nikolaos Frangis
Online since: May 2017
Description: This collection of papers by results of the 11th European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2016 (ECSCRM 2016, 25-29 September, Halkidiki, Greece) reflects the latest progress in the field of wide bandgap semiconductors, focusing on silicon carbide. In addition, it covers some selected aspects in related materials like silicon, graphene, gallium oxide and III-nitrides.


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