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Edited by: Fusahito Yoshida and Hiroshi Hamasaki
Online since: December 2016
Description: The collection of scientific papers by results of 13-th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications (AEPA2016, December 4-8, 2016, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Japan) highlights basic moments of modern achievements in the field of study and of the practical use of the plastic properties and other mechanical properties of various structure materials for the purposes of modern mechanical engineering. We hope this collection will be useful for many scientists and engineers whose activities is related with modern engineering materials and their processing.


Edited by: Šárka Nenadálová and Petra Johová
Online since: April 2016

The concept of the 22nd Concrete Days (CD 2015) allowed a rich programme of expert lectures and posters but also enough time for professional discussions, informal business negotiations and friendly meetings.

The Czech Concrete Society CSSI as the organizing body of the conference has done its best to ensure a convenient stay for 22 times. There were more than 310 participants at the conference this time.

The selected papers include recent results of scientific and engineering decisions in area of researching of properties and manufacturing technologies of modern concretes; modelling and design of structure elements from concrete and realization of significant construction projects.


Edited by: Qing Liu, Jian-Feng Nie, Robert Sanders, Zhihong Jia and Lingfei Cao
Online since: November 2016

This collection of peer-reviewed papers by results of 15th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys (ICAA15, 12-16 June, 2016 in Chongqing, China) that are cover most aspects of aluminium alloys, including casting and solidification; phase transformations; thermo-mechanical processing; metal plasticity and forming; strength, fracture and fatigue; advanced atomic-scale characterization; corrosion and surface properties; novel processes and alloy design; modelling and numerical simulation.


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