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Authors: Bruno C.A. Pinheiro, J.N.F. Holanda

Abstract: The petroleum industry generates huge amounts of oily sludge during the process of oil and gas extraction. This waste is a pollutant...

Authors: R.F. Gomes, Gustavo de Castro Xavier, F.A.J. Saboya, P.C.A. Maia, J. Alexandre, L.G. Pedroti

Abstract: The red ceramic pieces Campos-RJ degrade easily when they are in the built environment. With the intention to reduce the degradation in...

Authors: Bruno C.A. Pinheiro, J.N.F. Holanda

Abstract: In this work is done a study on the sintered microstructure of ceramic tile paste incorporated with petroleum waste. The raw materials used...

Authors: G.P. Souza, R.S. Santos, J.N.F. Holanda
Authors: M.F. Rodrigues, M.S. Sthel, H. Vargas, J.N.F. Holanda

Abstract: In Campos oil Basin (Brazil), which is responsible for more than 80 % of the national petroleum production, it is generated a great amount...

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