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Authors: Lie Wang, Yong Rong He, You Ping Gong
Abstract: Based on intensive study to variant design method in product parametric technology,the paper put forward to rapid design system which have been successes used in clutch company, The tabular layouts of article characteristics describe standardization and regularization information of product , can expediently implement the product variant design and variant response of downstream process. The method firstly computes clutch parameters according to outside requirement, then inquired if there is existed product, then decided whether to design a new product or get original product. After this process, then acquire the product main model, which can abstain geometric model and realize some other analysis and virtual simulation, at last, generated satisfying product. The method in this paper have been successful used in clutch company’s design process, and highly improve it’s products creation ability and products competition in market.
Authors: Feng Lian Song, Quan Liu, Wen Hong Wu, Wen Yong Yang
Abstract: There is a large number of excavation and filling in the construction of pumped-storage power station, and the filling materials are from the excavated materials. The construction planning is limited by the space, time and quantity, order, and its procedure directly affects the construction schedule. Based on relationships analysis of construction schedule and material quality, quantity and its balance, the spatial coordination of excavation, embankment partition and construction safety distance, three models are established which are excavation volume calculation model, the processing logic model and the excavate-transport-fill analysis model of earth-rock . Also, the dynamic balance and allocation of earth-rock for the main work construction are realized. The case analysis shows that this study will contribute to the management efficiency of project construction.
Authors: Zhi Lan Song, Wen Xue Ran, Jun Shuai Wu
Abstract: With the rapid development of modern automotive industry and people's living standards improvement, more and more families have private cars; As the agricultural people migrate to the cities, the urban population expand rapidly .Because of the non-renewable land resources, many cultivated lands are used for building residence communities in many cities. As a populous and agricultural country like China, the decrease of long-term cultivated land can result in severe food shortages. Combining the objective reality of China's automobile hot and the difficulty of parking, this paper studies the necessity and importance of mechanical automated stereo garage of automobile, and discusses the various forms and structures of mechanical automated stereo garage of automobile.
Authors: Yan Jue Gong, Yuan Yuan Zhang, Fu Zhao, Hui Yu Xiang, Chun Ling Meng, Yuan Zhang
Abstract: As an important part of the vertical axis wind turbine, the support structure should have high strength and stiffness. This article adopts finite element method to model a kind of tower structure of the vertical axis wind turbine and carry out static and modal analysis. The static and dynamic characteristic results of tower in this paper provide reference for optimization design the support structure of wind turbine further.
Authors: Xin Hua Wang, Zhi Jie Li, Shu Wen Sun, Gang Zheng
Abstract: The cavitation flow characteristics in jet pipe amplifier with different nozzles were simulated using commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. The influence of operating parameters and structural parameters of jet nozzles on cavitation jets are the key objective. These parameters mainly include inlet pressure, outlet pressure, temperature of water, nozzle convergence angle, the length of the nozzle cylindrical section, nozzle diameter and nozzle export chamfer angle. The results provide methods to limit the emergence and development of the nozzle jet internal cavitations.
Authors: Chao Yi Ding, Gang Qiang Li, Hong Che Guo
Abstract: This article combines with finite element method and the rain flow count method, which is using the nominal stress method developed a wind turbine used for structural fatigue analysis method, with 2.0 MW wind and machine hub to analyze the fatigue, calculated the operation lifespan fatigue load of wind turbine in the 20 years. By choosing the hot point of hub, analyzes the wheels fatigue damage characteristics. The calculation results show that: the selection of hot point wheels meet with the requirements of GL standard Fatigue design. This paper can be used in large wind turbine development design and in the process of production design authentication.
Authors: Jing Yuan Liu, Wen Qiang Cheng
Abstract: An improved Shear Stress Transport(SST) model, which allows for the compressible corrections, is proposed in this study. Numerical scheme was established by taking advantage of the improved Total Variation Diminishing (TVD) scheme and by applying implicit scheme to the negative source terms of the turbulence model. Hypersonic flat-plate boundary-layer flows and hypersonic compression ramp flows marked with separation, reattachment and shock/boundary-layer interactions are then computed. The comparisons between the computational results, the experimental results and the semi-empirical formulations show that the compressible correction term of the SST turbulence model is the scalar product of the weighted density average of the turbulent fluctuating velocity and the pressure gradients of the average flow field correlation quantities. In addition, for flow with separation and without separation, calculation results of wall pressures, friction coefficients and wall heat transfer rate distributions using the improved model and established scheme agree better with the experimental results than that using the original SST model.
Authors: Zheng Peng Xia, Ping Liao, Hong Jun Ni, Yin Nan Yuan
Abstract: Take a commercial vehicle driven by rear-wheel as an example, the vehicle model is established using parameters of engine and vehicle based software CRUISE, and the method is introduced for calculating vehicle resistance based on data of the coasting test. The advantage and disadvantage of driveline were obtained among arbitrary combinations of driveline system with the existing three kinds of transmission and four kinds of retarder through the simulation and linear weighted combination method for dynamic dynamics property and fuel economy to convert to single target function. The results show that A2 / B1 is the best driveline solution which dose not only have good dynamic performance, but also good fuel economic. The selection basis is provided for power transmission system component through simulation for vehicle.
Authors: Lin Li, Wei Li
Abstract: High-power pumps and fans consume much energy in operation. Speed control of them is a major energy-saving way, and it has become a hot topic for research especially in power split speed control field. As the most widely used speed control method, fluid coupling has disadvantage in efficiency which leads to much energy losses. In article, a power split speed control system using torque convertor as speed adjust element is proposed due to practical need of reducing losses. The efficiency characteristic of it is discussed by comparative analysis with other methods and promotion of the system efficiency is demonstrated as well.
Authors: Shuang Biao Zhang, Xing Cheng Li, Zhong Su, Liang Yu Zhao
Abstract: To investigate the realistic spiral motion of a spinning guided projectile, a novel analysis method based on flight data is proposed and further applied. A mathematical model of spiral motion is derived in body coordinate system firstly, and the procedures of the novel method are then described in detail. The spiral motion can be induced by non-zero velocity and rotation rate along the longitudinal axis with at least one non-zero velocity and rotation rate along transverse axes. In the case of non-zero velocities and rotation rates exerted along triple axes, it is observed that the spiral motion consists of single circular motion and double circular motion, and the spiral motion depends on both spinning rate and attitude angles of flight trajectory.

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