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Authors: Zuo Jie Wang, Zhi Hong Tan, Li Bing Liu, Zheng Jie Wang, Song Zhang, Yang Tan
Abstract: There are many limitations depend on traditional physical product testing methods. Firstly, the cost is high and adaptability is poor. Secondly, the test is lag and it can’t follow the new product design’s beat. Thirdly, it can’t converge with digital design method, and it difficult to meet with the requirement of industry information. Study a product’s digital test method which based on modern design technical, and discuss simulation testing technical come true which face to virtual prototyping of bag filter, and aiming at digital testing result of bag filter main working capability prove feasibility and effectiveness of this method. Firstly, analyses components of digital virtual testing system and theory of working, and provide design model of virtual prototyping testing and testing progress how to come true, and by changing the condition of working simulation, and sampling, and data processing, acquire the result of dust gas uniformity which is design prototyping of bag filter. Application prove that digital process, face to digital testing of product virtual prototyping, by testing object and testing instrument and testing progress, and so on, adopting model simulation, digital simulation, calculate experiment, simulate testing technical, complete prototyping testing working under fully virtual state in computer. Let prototyping design quality controlling which is based on quantizing move forward. Achieve parallel designing and testing, which is full with the zero-cost, zero-lag, zero error of large and complex mechanical equipment design testing.
Authors: Qing Sheng Wang, Xiao Hang Liu
Abstract: A new type of instrument is designed to accomplish the purpose of localizing the sound source by a relatively compact structure. This bionics structure is designed to mimic the localization function of the ears of the parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea, and it consists of three elastic diaphragms, three bars which connected to the diaphragms, and the other mechanical components. The analysis of this structure’s dynamic behavior shows that the incident angles of the sound have special relationship to the responses of this instrument, and the incident angles can be estimated by detecting the vibrations of the three elastic diaphragms.
Authors: Ze Song Wei, Shi Cun Sun
Abstract: Nature and life itself is a huge complex system which provides a broad unknown territory for human. People will call 2l century the era of life science. As a kind of cultural form, architecture must react to the corresponding demand. Nowadays, human expresses the soft change and alleviates negative influence of human technology form for nature and living environment by contemporary high-tech electronic technology and body bionic technology means. As a result, it will show the new compatibility, a revolutionary convergence between technology and biology.
Authors: Ming Guang Zhao
Abstract: Under the environment of network-based manufacturing, the main project of enterprise alliance is decomposed to multilevel sub-projects. Each sub-project is distributed to alliance partners of different levels. In order to ensure the production cycle , achieve successful operation of enterprise alliance, it is necessary to employ a rational strategy to monitor the progress of all sub-projects. This paper proposed a new algorithm for expressing the progress of each partner. This method is convenient to gain the progress message using the progress curves. The production cycle monitoring strategy with a main flow of task progress scheme, schedule progressing computing, progress report and progress monitoring is also given. This method can precisely and dynamically reflect the schedule progress of multi-level sub-projects and the conditions of the alliance partner’s manufacturing resource.
Authors: Sha Sha Dou
Abstract: The purposed research joins back-propagation neural network (BPNN) algorithm, using NX/KF second development module to create feasible assembly sequences KBE system access the volume, weight, feature, relationship number and total penalty value, and predict the feasible assembly sequence via a robust BPNN engine.
Authors: Hong Liang Zhang, Zhan Wen Niu
Abstract: The manufacturing enterprises in China began to learn and apply lean production at early 1980s, but till now the application scale and level is still far behind Japan and America, so it is necessary to research the relation of lean implementation with enterprises in China. This paper applies grey superior analysis to study lean production’s impact on manufacturing enterprises’ core competitiveness using practical data of China. Through analysis, key factors of lean production to competitiveness improvement and main aspects of core competitiveness affected greatly by lean production are recognized. Finally, based on analysis result, some advice on implementing lean production successfully is given to manufacturing enterprises of China.
Authors: Xiang Han, Sha Sha Pu
Abstract: On the basis of the tricycle rigid virtual prototyping model ,flexible body virtual prototyping model with dynamic characteristics was constructed via the addition of tricycle parts mass, inertial characteristics, elasticity of elastic damping components and conditions about damping, road and tyres. With the driver control model joined the virtual prototype of the tricycle and real-time feedback and regulation operated on tricycle snaking phenomenon, then driving conditions of the actual tricycle on the road was accurately simulated. As the simulation results suggested, the tricycle rigid virtual prototyping model could be applied to acceleration performance, braking performance, vehicle riding comfort and other simulation analysis, therefore, ideas were provided in further development of design manufacturing technology.
Authors: Li Jie Chen, Ping Zou
Abstract: Used LabWindows/CVI as software platform, existing apparatus in laboratory and a data acquisition card as hardware platform, the virtual instrument for coaxiality error was developed. It combines the theory to measure form and position error with technology about virtual instrument. Coaxiality error by least square method and the minimum zone method is measured. The image of coaxiality error can be displayed on the screen to analyse the causes of error, so as to control the manufacturing error. The virtual instrument has the advantages of high precision, stablity, low manufacturing cost, especially the excellent function expandability. It can be used for experimental teaching and the actual production.
Authors: Li Li Wang, Chong Chen, Zheng Mao Zhang
Abstract: Based on the analysis of the characteristics and relationships between the production paradigm of Lean Production and Agile Manufacturing,through considering the similarities and differences between the two production patterns, their synthesizing application in the Integrated Supply Chain Management System is studied. A case study is presented to demonstrate how leanness and agility have been combined successfully within one supply chain.

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